I know that some of you are going to think I am a complete nutball. But I was thinking about something last night and for some reason, I am going to share it with you so you can likely laugh or roll your eyes at me.

I think it is pretty well understood that in our near future we are going to be a society controlled by computers and machines. The Wall Street Ooops which happened last week is one example. The heightened fear of cyber terrorism is another.  Because of this, it is obvious that we are in great need of creating what I will call, ‘cyber soldiers’, which I feel will be a “field” which will grow exponentially in the years to come. These cyber soldiers will need to be genius level; minds which are analytical and mathematical. These people will have incredible intellectual talents from birth…a level which cannot be taught. These will be the people our country, even our world will one day soon depend upon for safety and security. Without those, we have nothing.

Ok. Now is when you might start to think I am even weirder than you previously suspected.

It is clear that the rate of children born with some form of Aspergers and Autism is growing to numbers which cannot be explained. It is also known that people on the autism spectrum can have higher tendencies for certain types of genius. Mathematical genius being common among those types.  Perhaps, these children being born with what WE see as a disability is actually the ability to one day save us all. Is this possible? We can visually see the difficulties of these disorders as far as their extreme sensitivities to lack of personal interaction. But we cannot always see the miraculous mind behind those behaviors.

We all grow up hearing adults tell us that ‘everything happens for a reason’. Personally, during my worst times, I sincerely thought that was horse shit. But as I get older I think I am starting to have a greater understanding of the whys and hows and whats and what the hells. By no means am I anywhere near where I would like to be and still admit…I know very very little. But perhaps there really is a bigger picture here which has backdrops we may have never noticed.

I think I pissed a couple people off a few years ago when I suggested that perhaps people were born homosexual could be nature’s way of controlling the population. Perhaps nature (I am using the word nature here in place of God or higher power…use whatever term you like) is ever changing to what we create on earth. And maybe – just MAYBE (please don’t yell at me) – people are being born infertile for that same reason. Maybe nature knows there are thousands of children which need homes with loving parents and perhaps that is why infertility seems to also be on the rise. I am NOT saying that infertile and homosexual adults are not entitled to have biological children. NOT AT ALL. But infertile and gay couples are major candidates for adoptions and perhaps if it were easier for them to have biological children, that wouldn’t happen. Maybe JUST MAYBE these are further examples of things society wants to label as bad or unnatural…when in all actuality it is very natural and purposeful.

These are only guesses people. I don’t know. I suppose my main point is…maybe there really IS a reason for everything. Maybe there is a bigger picture we are incapable of seeing. Who knows.

Am I ready to be fitted for a straight jacket yet??


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