Yesterday (May 4th) was National Teacher’s Day. I didn’t see or hear anything about it. I heard a blurb on the radio today, however. Shortly before hearing this I read another story about a local teacher being arrested for the sexual assault of a 16 year old student.  When reading local blogs having to do with teachers in any regard – there is a lot of anger and spite in the words of the commenters.  Teachers have to defend themselves not only to unruly, undisciplined children during work hours; but they also must defend themselves against an antagonizing public. And then teachers as a whole are represented by these bad apples (rancid, more like) spilled over the papers whenever one is found to be guilty of some heinous crime.

Speaking in regards to the teachers I have known in my life, none of them went in to teaching for the money. Not for the notoriety or the praise. They went into teaching to help educate and care for our children. They don’t just say it is a noble profession for the hell of it…there truly is none more noble in my opinion. Especially in this city. And especially especially in public schools.

Educators are forming leaders. They are forming parents. They are forming intelligent, free thinking adults. Is every child affected by a teacher in a way that will change his or her life? Maybe not. But isn’t it wonderful that day in and day out they do it anyway? They continue to teach dozens of children with little thanks in hopes that maybe even just one of them will sprout into life creating something wonderful…something which can change the world.

I am willing to bet that most anyone who feels successful about something in their life has a teacher in their past who inspired them. I am very thankful to some of the helpful, hard, hilarious teachers I have had in my life. I would like to thank some of my favorites – be it a day late…

Mrs. Greco, Mrs. Margosian, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Theiding, Mr. Petrakis, Mrs. Petrakis, Mrs. Dombrowski, Mrs. Mahdasian, Mrs. Lucas, Mr. Huberty, Mr. Chambers, Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Belland, Ms. Kitkowski, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Cobb…this is to just name a few.

Thanks, Teach.


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