Dear Mr. O’Brien,

When I heard of your firing and investigation, my heart dropped. For many years now my family and I have regretted over and over that someone from RCHS never came to our home or met with any of us before handing over a false accusation of child abuse to the DA.  If you had been here and spoken to us, it would have been clear to you or anyone else that I am no child abuser.

When I was first accused and The Journal Times got a hold of the police report, they posted it online. Thankfully, unlike you, my name was not used. The comments which ensued were very similar to ones you have received on these articles about your case. Though, I have to tell you, they were far worse and very threatening. That day was the lowest in my life and I contemplated suicide for brief moment. Racine – maybe all cities, who knows – have a lynch mob mentality. You are NOT innocent until proven guilty. That is such a joke. The accused has to prove their innocence and sometimes that is simply not possible. It is nearly impossible to prove a negative. How do you PROVE you DIDN’T do something?

I have been angry with you. Not only you, of course. The DA, my step daughter’s mother and her family, my husband and even I all played a role in a situation which ruined a life I so badly wanted. If you had only taken the time to meet us. Talk to us. Talk to my step daughter or even her mother…It makes my stomach churn to think about how different things could be right now.

And while this may be karma in a way, I do feel bad that you are likely reading these comments being left about you. I do think the entire system is basically a shit storm and maybe it is just impossible to do the jobs you guys are supposed to be doing. Maybe you were one person caught doing what many others also do and maybe even encourage. I don’t know.

I do not wish harm or agony upon you. Even though some of your actions may have caused some of my pain, I do not wish that upon you or anyone else. Take the comments with a grain of salt. The truth resides within you – and maybe only you – regardless of innocence or guilt. You may have to deal with that for a long, long time. I would hate for you to have the feelings I had when reading the comments about me…especially knowing they were so very, very wrong.

It is all a strange sort of karma though, isn’t it? Take care, Mr. O’Brien.


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