Not much to report these last few days. Everything has been pretty typical and boring.
Last night I watched the season finale of  "Damages". It was pretty satisfying as far as finales go these days. It reminded me of the end of Godfather 2. Everyone died or went to jail. Lily Tomlin and Tate Donovan will not be back next season unless of course it is in the way of flashbacks or hallucinations which is how Zeljko Ivanek returned for this season’s finale (last season, he blew his head off). Campbell Scott and Martin Short could be back as live characters as well as Ted Danson. I will anxiously await the new season. That show is really the only drama currently on TV which leaves me on the edge of my seat. When I think I have something figured out, I find out I was wrong. I love it.
Today I found out that someone I know and her mother have collaborated on a book about dating (with advice). After a good tooth brushing following my vomiting in my mouth…I took a look at the site they have for promoting this book. Oh the irony of life. As soon as the nausea goes away, I am sure I will be able to laugh and laugh like the rest of the people who actually know these two. The mom – who used a pen name – was married to a nice man for I think like 20 years. They had 4 children. She met a new man and got the marriage ANNULLED!! Because she is Catholic, apparently it is better to pretend a 20 year marriage never existed rather than simply ask for a divorce like the rest of normal civilization. And one more wonderful example of her splendid character…she taught her granddaughter how to pull the wings off of live flies when she was about 3 years old. Yea. Nice lady. And then there is the daughter. Oh, there is not enough room here for the hypocrisy and ridiculousness. Apparently the book is basically about her (called Nora in the book) dating life through out her adult years. The book must be HUGE!!! I won’t even get into it here. But suffice to say, her dating life has been an erratic, unhealthy roller coaster of men who have come in and out of not only her life, but also her daughter’s. She uses men. Cheats on them. Sleeps with half county. And she is giving dating advice? REALLY?? It is all such a joke. So I will simply laugh and laugh…
My diet is going okay I think. I am logging all my food and fitness using I do not have a working scale right now. But last I checked I am down about 9 lbs since the end of February I think. It isn’t enough for me to be super happy about…but at least it is now finally starting to come off. I have been keeping my calories around 1200 and I exercise almost an hour a day – cardio and strength. I really hope I can keep this up. It isn’t easy!!! I mean, I don’t know that I will be able to do this forever..and I know it is supposed to be this big life change instead of just a diet. But I am hoping that maintaining is no where near as difficult. My pants are all loose. I need to go shopping, but I want to wait a bit more. When it really warms up maybe. We really don’t have the money for a bunch of new clothes right now anyway. So its belts and saggy ass for now 🙂
Alright, I should actually go accomplish something today. Talk at ya later 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wednesday April 21, 2010

  1. Yes, I’m the one living in Sweden. My husband is also Catholic, but quite a different Catholic than most you find there in The States. He heard about the annullment thing and just looked at me weird and wondered what was going on in his faith. Nice to see you are still around. I am so very rarely on JT anymore and I’ve often wondered if you were still out there blogging.

  2. Annulment of a 20 year marriage is ridiculous. My sister married a Catholic man who was also married before and had their marriage annulled after 13 years and 3 children. So my question is, if that marriage never happened then are those children now bastards?? Which is worse in the eyes of the Catholic church a divorce or having children outside of marriage? I find the whole situation ridiculous. Sorry I just had to comment on that because it was always something that bothered me as well. Well my sisters husband bothers me as a whole that was just another aspect of him I dislike. Don’t know if you remember who I am I used to be on JT all the time under the name Why Not? just saw your blog today thought I’d check your blog out over here.

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