A couple weeks ago Philosophy had a contest on Facebook. You were to share your favorite Philosophy product and why it is your favorite along with a baby picture. This is what I entered:


Being a 36 year old stay at home mom, my days are far from glamorous. Bad hair days, fat days, situations which render me simply gross are all too familiar these days. Just when I am about to forget I am a girl, Philosophy’s Inner Grace line reminds me. So while the pounds may linger and the hair may be neglected…I can still smell really really pretty 🙂




Last week they emailed me to let me know I was one of the 14 winners and I would be receiving a Philosophy prize package. I got the email the day before my birthday and it was actually my best bday gift J


Then this morning I received this email:



hi heather,


we wanted to let you know that the facebook promotion has done so well that we have decided to create a facebook favorites shopping category on philosophy.com — and we would love to kick off the shopping category with your photo and quote!


although you won’t be on the home page of philosophy.com, you will be at the very top of the facebook favorites shopping category. 🙂 we will be launching the facebook favorites page within the next two weeks.


one quick bit of business — unfortunately we’re having trouble sizing your photo to fit what we need for the website. we would appreciate if you could send us two or three other photo options so that we can still incorporate your photo with your quote.


also, as a thank you and to show you how much we appreciate your passion for philosophy, we will be sending you a variety of inner grace products for you to enjoy!


we do sincerely appreciate your understanding and look forward to featuring you in our new shopping category on philosophy.com! thank you so much and please let us know if you have any other questions.




How cool is THAT???!!! I am excited J Boy, it doesn’t take much these days, does it…but seriously – I SOOOO needed some GOOD news for a change!!


Thanks Philosophy – you are awesome!!


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