Surprisingly, I feel okay today. Much better than last week. Physically and emotionally. I feel a little anxious and lost…with a lot more time on my hands. It will be an interesting two weeks. More difficult when it comes to some things and much easier when it comes to others. I will miss Charlie and Kenzie and it will be very weird to have them gone. First I cried when Kenzie left (for which my sweet lil daughter made fun of me for…gesh) and then I cried when Charlie left. I really hope that will be the last of the tears for quite some time. Quite frankly, I am sick of them.


I guess everything is all up in the air as far as this Chicago thing. They went down there thinking it would be a bunch of overtime and lots of extra cash (which we really do need right now), so we thought it would at least KINDA be worth it. But now it looks like they (management) are dickin’ them around with that. SO who knows. Maybe he will be back for the weekend or even earlier than expected.


It is going to be very strange when I pick Cassidy up from the bus stop during this time. Because Charlie’s ex freaked out and said she didn’t want my step daughter here with me while he is gone, she will be getting picked up by who knows who at the same stop everyday. But at least I will get to see her for a second and Cassidy still gets to ride home with her. I know Cassidy is going to start missing them both VERY soon and I will never hear the end of it.


I will likely write more soon. I have to use her school time to exercise and anything else that’s hard to get done when she is home. Sigh. You know, they say once you start exercising you “start to get addicted” or “start to love it”…bullshit. I still hate it. Ppplllttthhh. Liars. But I will continue. I am now wearing a size 10 jean..which I havent since before baby. They gotta be low rise, of course…still working on that belly. Why is it that the first weight to go is always in my legs and ass where I barely had any meat to begin with??? Now THAT is aggrivating.


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