Sunday March 21, 2010


Charlie’s Illinois tour will be coming up soon. I will miss him so very much. We have never been apart that long. He’s not even gone yet and I feel constant churning in my tummy. I hope it goes by quickly.


We were talking about moving possibilities and he just said to keep an eye out for jobs with Quest Communications. I guess they are the phone company in Arizona. I guess it is something to keep in the back of our minds. I don’t think I could have ever taken Cass away from her dad. I don’t want her growing up the way Kenzie has. I mean, obviously, it would be different…but still even to be separated like that…that wouldn’t be good. I complain about my husband like any other wife…but I could never say he is a bad dad. And I would know!! Both of these girls are very lucky to have a father who loves them so much. Not all kids get to have that.


The withdrawal is getting better by the day now. I notice it less and less. When the emotions hit, it isn’t as severe or as long in duration. Thank God. I never thought it would get better. I am still VERY upset that my doctor refuses to believe that withdrawal is what was happening. If you were to Google “Cymbalta Withdrawal” – you would find story after story exactly like mine. How dare that – physicians and pharmaceutical companies – tell us how WE feel??


Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Sick of the puter these days.


About Heather Rayne

I am a mom, wife, writer, volunteer, eater of food, lover of animals and avid TV enthusiast. I am opinionated, honest, compassionate and sensitive. I can also be difficult, hard headed and emotional. I consider myself to have a great sense of humor and am very attracted to that in others. I am striving to live an authentic life. I am attempting to learn how to find happiness in the now. I always have hope to be a better person. That being said - I can be vulgar, negative and even a little bitchy at times. I say what I mean and my filter is often dysfunctional. With me, what you see is what you get. I have strong opinions and am quick to speak my mind. This can cause problems from time to time but I do not ever intend to hurt or offend anyone. With that - be warned. I do hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for visiting and have a swell day.

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