I was just looking at Realtor.com at homes for sale in the Phoenix area. I cannot believe how much cheaper the homes are there!!!!!!!!! And nice ones!!!
I am currently searching thru the jobs in that area.
I think I should start one of those online begging campaigns asking for donations to send me and my daughter to Arizona and out of this mess. Think those things actually work??LOL
I told my mom that I wanted to live my life for me for once. To take charge and make a big step for ME. She said I was being ridiculous, that she didn’t know how to talk to me anymore. I said maybe we need some space then. And she said I guess we do and she hung up. Her coldness is something I just don’t understand.
I have nothing holding me here anymore. I have nothing here for me. I want to take my baby and start all over. I have to.
I am going to start searching for jobs and hopefully Charlie will want to come with me. Otherwise, well…

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