My political duality is starting to resurface again. On one hand, I can understand how some people can go from being liberal to conservative as they grow older and see how abusive the system/government can be. On the other hand, I cannot fathom the cult-like mentality I see with so many right wingers especially since President Obama was elected.


One of many quotes by the more liberal side of the aisle after the latest Somali pirate attack is this one, ‘Peter Chalk said he was concerned about calls to attack pirates on land, such as one issued Monday by Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., because "I don’t think that really addresses the nub of the issue, which is lack of employment, lack of governance, in Somalia."


This was reported by USA Today.  While I do understand and have genuine compassion for those who live in parts of the world which are not only less fortunate then us, but in utter ruin; I also am frustrated with how the US seems to deal with these situations. Land cannot be an enemy. Our enemies are not countries like Iran, Somalia, Korea. Our enemies are the regimes, the terrorists, the dictating governances. We must, as a country, protect our own from the dangers via those who hate us. We should also have a humanitarian responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves – regardless of their birthplace. However, there needs to be a point in which we realize that our helping is costing too many lives, dollars and respect.  Why does America find it necessary to continuously help and fix those who want to destroy us? When following the story of the hijacked ship last week, I did not think about how we can help those people. What are they contributing to the world? Nothing as far as I can see. I went to my basic animalistic being and simply wondered why we were not blasting them out of the water. And when the Navy took out those 3 pirates with that movie-esque awesomeness, I cheered. People died and I cheered. Who am I becoming?


So where do I stand? I just do not know. Lives are lives. I have to believe there is a purpose for every soul brought into the world. But I also believe that the world in general would be a much better place without certain individuals. And yet, I cannot bring myself to even support the death penalty. See what I mean? Maybe it is just a part of being Aries, but my devil and angel shoulder buddies argue WAY too much. It’s like watching The View. I cannot tell who is saying what anymore.


Teabagging. Oh the hilarity. I am quite certain everyone has had enough of this topic. But those events or protests or whatever they were really made me see some people in a light which concerned me. I don’t think my mom will mind if I use her as an example. If so, sorry ma. Growing up my parents were liberal and voted democrat anytime I can remember. We were lower middle class with times of struggle – powdered milk for a small stretch there. But we had what we needed. My mom went back to school and quickly moved up in her career in Health Information. My step father is still at the same company he began working for when he was 18. He is machinist I believe would be the title. So, once they got rid of us and began making more money, I noticed their political and social views were changing. They began increasingly appalled by social programs, liberal celebrities, taxes, welfare, etc. They are currently at the point of watching Bill O’Reilley and Glen Beck on a regular basis. Thank God typing afforded me the ability to avoid saying those words out loud.


I talk to my mom on a daily basis. When speaking to her on the “Tea Bagging” Day, I was floored by her reaction. I was telling her that I thought it was so funny how everyone was talking about tea bagging that day. Just trying to keep it light as I already know politics is not a good road for us to conversationally travel.  I am not sure she is aware of the euphemism, however, since she didn’t seem to see the what I thought was obvious humor. She then went on to say how she felt so proud and happy to see people getting together, protesting peacefully and standing up for their beliefs. Sorry again, ma…but my chin couldn’t have dropped any further and my eyes STILL hurt from rolling that far back into my head. If she had seen protesters any time in the past she would have considered them annoying hippies. Actually, Jon Stewart (and his writers) says it better HERE.


It is all just such wackadoo hypocrisy. In fact, I remember all the cartoons sent by my Republican friends when Gore lost – alluding to the fact that he was a crybaby – and all his supporters were crybabies. Umm. (cough, cough) I whisper, “So, who’s the crybaby now?” I always thought that lying was my biggest personality pet peeve. But I have finally realized that I hate hypocrisy so much more. Perhaps that is why I am so not happy about all this confirmation nonsense my step daughter is going through…but that is a topic for another time.


So, as you can see, I have no idea what I am. I cannot seem to really agree with anyone 100%. This leaves me without any political label or group. I guess I will just float around in my political ambiguity and stop looking for a place to land.




My daughter can be SO embarrassing sometimes. I think I told you that she once asked a man if he was a pirate. She also has been known to fart in public. Yes, very elegant child. But this latest one takes the cake.


You know the song, “Pop Goes the Weasel” right? Well, for some reason (of which I have NO clue) she sings, “Pop Goes the Cherry.” AND she decided to sing it VERY loudly while marching through the yard. Before you think this poor child is living in a sinful, sailor mouthed home – she is not, I assure you. I am the worst when it comes to accidentally letting my potty mouth slip. Charlie rarely does. And we never allow them to watch anything rated above PG. So, really the only place it could rationally come from IS me. But it didn’t. I swear. I mean, I don’t swear. Shit, you know what I mean. I know for a fact she did not learn that from me because I just never would say that. It just isn’t a reference that comes out of my mouth. So, it obviously is coincidence. And try explaining to a child why she shouldn’t be singing about a cherry. This kid is gonna kill me.  J




Sexting. Have you heard about the latest craze? Probably so since they are talking about that all over TV and radio – almost as much as they are with Twitter. Anyway, sexting has been the topic of the day because of a recent story which you can see HERE.  First of all, I am pretty strong on my continuing resolve that kids do not need cell phones. And if a parent wants them to have one for whatever reason their kid talks them in to it – then they at least have NO place in school whatsoever. I would also be devastated if my child was stupid enough to put a torrid or equally embarrassing picture “out there” to never truly be retrieved. However, kids are dumb. They do dumb stuff. It’s kinda their job. Sometimes kids are a little dumber than others and life altering mistakes are made. These tragedies are from which everyone should learn. But when our own lawmakers want to compound the consequence of a situation such as this, it is not only abuse of power but also counter productive.  I mean, isn’t our job as adults and parents to raise society’s kids to grow up to be independent, productive, healthy adults?  Why make it only THAT much harder to crawl from the hole in which they fell? These girls are basically victimizing themselves. Yes, boys can be very persuasive. And yes, I know times are different. But not everything has to be. Do you know how hard it is to get a decent job with poor results on a background check? Or even how embarrassing it is to have to disclose such private information in every interview? These are not hurdles easily made by strong women, let alone young girls with obvious self esteem issues. Prosecutions such as these do nothing to help society. Take that tax payer money and put it in to education and self empowering programs for teens. Give me a break!!


This is very much how I feel about a blanket sex offender registry. This registry has names and pictures and addresses…but in most cases, the details of the offense is not known.  We look at the list and assume that all of these people must be horrible and/or sick individuals. But really, someone could be on that list because she had sex with her 17 ½ year old boyfriend. And now perhaps for something like sexting?? It’s not right.




Well, I think that is enough for today. Will talk at ya soon.


OH one more thing. You know those As Seen on TV Smooth Away shaving pads??? Don’t buy them.


Ok. Bye now.


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