As I receive the candidate’s responses to the questionnaire I sent to them, I will paste them here. So far, I have only received one response. I was unable to find an email for Jaimie Charon or Raymond Fay.


Jody Harding


Briefly describe your life growing up.

            I was very fortunate to grow up in Hoffman Estates, Illinois in the 1960’s, when almost all moms were “stay at home” moms, and kids could spend summers playing from dawn to dusk without adult supervision and in complete safety.  I lived within 30 minutes of both sets of grandparents, who shamelessly spoiled myself and my two brothers.


What has been your most difficult obstacle?

            Over the years, I have found it difficult to be taken seriously as a candidate for management positions because I am a woman.  The “glass ceiling” is still very much in existence.  I have found that, like most women, I have to be twice as smart and work twice as hard as a man to achieve the same results.  Fortunately, I really enjoy overcoming challenges.


What accomplishment have you made which has given you the most pride?

            I was extremely proud to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Ancilla Junior College in Donaldson, Indiana, before continuing on to get my BS degree from Indiana University.  I was also very proud to be appointed President of a small manufacturing company in Milwaukee.  However, my greatest source of pride and pleasure is when my husband, my mom and my friends and family say, “I’m proud to have you for my friend.”  No other success can replace that one.


Which characteristics about you make you the better candidate?

            My greatest failing and my greatest strength are the same:  I am stubborn.  Once I am convinced I am right about something, it is very difficult to change my mind or my course.  I recognize the importance of understanding the underlying problem before designing a solution, and I believe we have to take the long-term view of most issues, even when the short-term answer is easier.  I am a good communicator, and have a talent for getting people from opposite sides of the table to work together.


What do you like to do on your time off?

            My hobbies include reading, crafting doll-houses and raising orchids.  I love working in my yard, playing with my dogs and watching old movies with my husband of 27 years.


Do you think you will live the rest of your life in Racine? If not, where?

            I expect to live in Racine for the rest of my days.  We have been blessed with a beautiful home and wonderful neighbors.  Racine was once a safe, friendly and prosperous town, and I believe it can be so again.


What are the top 5 things Racine has to offer its citizens?

1.      Friendly and caring people

2.      An island of peace between the bustle of Milwaukee and Chicago

3.      A beautiful lakefront, harbor, zoo and other amenities

4.      Wonderful old neighborhoods

5.      Great potential for business and personal growth


What do you think the average Racinian could do to better their city?

            Focus on all of the good that is here, and speak of it positively whenever possible.  Get to know your neighbors, and watch each other’s backs.  Take responsibility for your own actions.  Vote.




Do you have any pets?

            I have – among other things – 3 horribly spoiled dogs.



If you are elected Mayor, what will be your top 3 objectives/goals?

1.       Support new and existing business by reducing wasteful spending of tax dollars, and by reversing our path of over-regulation.

2.      Reduce crime by giving support, coordination and resources to the local organizations that are making headway in some of our worst neighborhoods.

3.      Promote education through grassroots efforts that encourage kids to say in school, promote the value of education, and provide resources for persons of any age to return to school.


Tough one. If you could not continue the Mayoral race, which of the 11 candidates would you prefer to see win this race?

            All of the candidates besides myself and one other have a long history of “public service.”  The worst of these politicians have records of investigations for fraud and unethical conduct.  The best of them have proved that they have no idea how to solve the issues that plague Racine.  Therefore, if I were not running, I would vote for Jamie Charon as the only candidate who comes to the table untarnished.


This is the response from John Dickert’s camp:


Hello Heather,

In regards to your email request for the questionnaire, I am going to direct you to John Dickert’s website  You should find all the answers to your questions there.  If there is anything else you need, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks and have a great night.

Gregory Bach
Campaign Manager



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