Today I have been watching the inauguration off and on as I have been doing other things around the house. With each few minutes between pausings, I am left with something new I plan to ponder or discuss. But unfortunately my brain does not hold as much short term info as it used to J  So I will do my best on the “discussing” part for the moment.


I first want to say that President Bush has pissed me off many, many times in these last 8 years.  I fundamentally disagree with just about everything he stands for or has executed during his presidency. But, I do see that he is human. And while I was watching he and Laura board the helicopter giving their final waves as the first couple – I felt a sorrow for them. Leaving the position of POTUS has got to be challenging enough, but to do so with such low ratings and popularity must add quite a sting of humiliation to that challenge. I am glad he is no longer our president, but I do wish his family well.


President Clinton was a “cool guy” much in the way that President Obama presents himself. But Clinton did not have the integrity, bad assness (yes, it is a word) and presence that Obama seems to have. In my lifetime, I have not until today had a president whom I completely respected, looked up to and admired. Yes, it hasn’t even been a full day – I am aware of that.  And I will let you know when this la la la fest is for some reason dueled in my mind, trust me. But for now, I will bask in the hope (pun intended) that this privilege – hell, right – endure for long to come.


To actually LOOK FORWARD to Presidential Addresses even when they interrupt my shows seems mystifying to me! To not have to worry about the rights of citizens across our country is so relieving. I can now hold hope that medical miracles will be possible, American spawn will receive the educations to which they are entitled (yes, by “just” being born here) and corruption will not run amuck as it has in recent times.


One more thing; I do, however, worry about the unrealistic aspirations so many seem to have since Obama began his campaign. I think he is a highly intelligent, determined, powerful man and he will and has surrounded himself with those alike. And I truly believe the ideas and decisions from the new administration will change our futures drastically. But it will not happen over night. It will not happen soon. Patience is required. But the rewards will be rippled out for generations to come.


So, this is what has been weaving in and out of my mind today as I mail thank you cards, give time outs and fold laundry. 


2 thoughts on “Obama – Day One

  1. True – isn’t it?? I am not sure Cassidy is presidential material…but she could surprise us. 🙂 After going through these terrible FOURS…its hard to see her growing up to be anything other than a very loud crazy person LOL!!

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