This year seemed to whiz by. Cassidy is now 4 ½ and acts like she is 12. Mackenzie is almost 9 and also acts like she is 12. So basically I ended up with 2 12 year olds at the age of 34.  How’d the hell did THAT happen??!!


Mackenzie loves school and is doing wonderful. She gets A’s in everything. I am pretty sure she is the teacher’s pet! We are hoping to start Cassidy in 5 year old Kindergarten in September. She will have to be tested since she was born 16 days passed the deadline. But I think she needs to be in school. She is definitely ready. Freaks me out when I think about it.


We are hoping with all our might that Charlie will not have to go on strike in April when his Union’s contract is up. Oh that would SUCK.  Otherwise, his job at AT&T is going well. If you order Uverse this year…make sure you do it through Charlie so he gets the credit!! J


I was working part time at Charlie’s work garage for AT&T for about 9 months this past year. But with all the other “extras”…I was downsized. I have been back at home full time since August. But I always have my eye open for that perfect opportunity!!


In February my niece Abigail was born. She is adorable and I can’t wait for her to start talking J Her sister, Leia is turning 6 already…gosh. She is just the most darling little girl.


We lost Brian this year. That was definitely the hardest thing for me. She was my cat and was only 8 years old. She had kidney failure and had to be put to sleep in July. I still think of her and miss her every day.


Bob (Brian’s brother) is doing well. He also has the kidney disease…but seems pretty asymptomatic at this time. He has lost weight, but he eats really well and still plays and behaves completely normal. He better stick around a long time. I need him!!


That pretty much wraps up 2008.  I really need a great 2009. So…even I’LL drink to that!!!




In 2008, I Kissed a Girl in front of a bunch of Mad Men and I liked it. I contracted electionitis and Obama Mania (I am no longer symptomatic).  I thoroughly enjoyed The Mentalist but knew that Slater had to go.  I avoided Sex in the City and Mamma Mia like the plague. We lost celebrities such as Paul Newman, Heath Ledger, Estelle Getty, Harvey Korman, Bernie Mac, George Carlin, Tim Russert, Sydney Pollack and many others.  We – well some of us – lived through another year at War, the Prop 8 fiasco, a devastating economic crash, Britney’s hot mess of a life shoved in our faces daily, Sarah Palin, the writer’s strike and what seemed like a year of Olympic coverage.  But we also had the opportunity to witness a significant change in American politics, culture and ideals.  We witnessed the simple brilliance of Randy Pausch.  We had another year of Project Runway and SNL finally became funny again. 


In 2009, I hope to see changes we were promised. I want to see soldiers coming home. I want to see excellent new films – and many of them. I hope to find that perfect white tee shirt. I hope our property value rises as much as our property taxes. I wish for Miley’s retirement and the resurrection of Barney Miller. I cross my fingers for the invention of a calorie free delicious chocolate.  And I truly hope this coming year will kick 2008’s ass.  


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