My friend Tom emailed this picture to me after he read my last entry. Cracks me up. Amazingly – the hair-do is even more similar that I originally suspected. That cigarette looks pretty tempting too. Ugh.


Speaking of smoking…I quit (after a stupid 4 month leap off the wagon – which I had been on for almost 6 years) December 8, 2008. I had a REALLY hard time. In fact…I did cheat and had 2 smokes at a Christmas Party this past Saturday. I was worried I would wake up Sunday being right back to where I was. But that wasn’t the case. It does seem to get easier each day…but I still get these powerful jolts that I have to wait out until it subsides. Addiction really sucks!! I really cannot allow this to happen ever again!! I can’t wait for this to be over. It is making me very cranky. Even more so than usual.


I have been thinking…there are a lot of things (yes, THINGS) I have, have used, tried, etc…which I really like. So I thought I would shamefully copy Oprah and make a list of My Favorite Things. Of course, I can not buy one for each of the two people who read this blog (lol…well, maybe five or six) because I am broke. But we can pretend. I will make that a separate blog entry…or maybe a list. Either way, I finsta start workin’ on that yo.


I can’t believe it is Christmas next week already. Man. Almost done shopping. Cards are almost done. Plans are all made. It’s so hectic. What age do you have to be when you can say…”I’m not leavin’ the house. If you want to see me/us on Christmas, come on over.”???


Well, that is all for now…need to actually get up and DO stuff…



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