Approximately six months ago I began having a reoccurring-type dream.  Aspects of the dream varied, but the basic plot always remained.


I would be going to an old apartment of mine usually with faceless friends to hang out.  In my dream, the apartment was no longer mine, but I still had access somehow and there were still items which belonged to me in the apartment. In some cases, I had pet cats there which were not being taken care of obviously. The apartment in these dreams never looked like any of my old apartments, but I just knew they were my old “homes”.


Once I would get into the apartment, I would feel guilty and start trying to clean the very old mess I had left behind. But I would feel overwhelmed by the daunting task and even thought of burning the place down as it would be easier than dealing with “the mess”.


At one point in the dream I would always find a dead young woman who I had just assumed was an old roommate of mine.  The body was behind the couch which was at an angle. And it was deteriorating.  I often felt very guilty, as though I was the one that killed her.  Needless to say, this part of the dream – which I would say I had about once a week for approximately six months – was extremely disturbing so the next day I would often Google some of my old roommates just to make sure there was no bad news. I never found anything, thank God.


But last week, the news came that a young woman, Ann Larson, was killed at 2109 ½ Superior Street. This is the exact address I lived before moving in with my husband in 2001.  I lived there for about a 2 years with my 2 cats.  And I did leave the place a little messy when I moved out, for which I have always felt very guilty. But it certainly was not as bad as in my dreams!!


I have to wonder if these dreams were in any way precognitive. Or is it all just coincidence which I am over analyzing? It has been weighing on me for the past week regardless. Such a terrible story. One that could happen to a lot of people. It leaves me a little more fearful and a helluva lot grateful…I mean really…there by the grace of God go I….


Of course my thoughts and condolences go out to her loved ones.


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