At age 34, I have been a lifetime lover of meat. While I never liked lamb or venison and never had the nerve to try veal; I have indulged almost all the other typical meats Americans eat daily.  From rare rib eye to tender fresh lobster – I love the taste, texture and flavors. So, here is my question. After 3 decades…how do I give up this relationship with meat?


For several years now I have felt like a complete ass and a hypocrite for eating meat.  I am a huge animal lover and supporter of animal rights. I feel that their souls on this earth are no lower than those of humans. So how can I continue to justify EATING their bodies?  I even have that head hanging guilt when I kill a spider.  This doesn’t happen often, but when it looks ominous or a little too big to be in the kids’ playroom…I resort to squishy murder. To make the guilt even more cumbersome, recent programs enlightening the public on the poor treatment of these animals before, during and after slaughtering is mind blowing.


Keep in mind that I am spinning all these thoughts around as a rump roast cooks in the crock pot only 20 feet away.


So…there you have it. My meaty dilemma. Do I really want to suddenly become a vegetarian? And if so, is that enough or do I have to go even further and be a vegan? Perhaps I should pack away the guilt and continue eating how I have. Or maybe I will just have my mouth sewn shut and choose to be fed intravenously.


Any thoughts of your own on this topic?


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