Woman sues after engagement breakup – She wins 150k!!


Okay now, I am oh so familiar with that bitter, jaded jab of rejection. Better than I would like to admit actually, but really…really??!!  I mean, yes, I understand she left a high paying job for the schmo. And I am sure he deserves all he has coming to him (don’t they all?? JUST KIDDING…chill). But breaking up, being dumped, picking the wrong person…that is all a part of life.  And so are the extra consequences that come along with these annoying little lessons. We get back up, dust off the shattered glass and Taco Bell Nacho artillery and do our best to move on while simply holding a grudge and cashing in on our bitching rights for the rest of our lives. I mean wow…if I would have sued every time some guy made my life hell, was the reason for my bad choices or even for lost money – shit, I’d be on a beach in Hawaii right now googling “top breast surgeons” and paying the nanny.  Not only that, but I could even try to repo that Depeche Mode tee shirt I loved so much and the white elephant gift my family traded for years. But no. I will be content to endlessly pine, regret and feel shame for some of these tools in my closet of love skeletons.  That way, they stay the assholes, I stay the victim and all is right with my dark satire fairy tale.




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