Hey all. Hope everyone is doing well. I am – well – breathing. That is good, right? Seriously though, I am okay.  I SHOULD be better considering we went on a short getaway last weekend. We stayed in Madison for 2 nights. I wanted to just relax and be well rested upon returning to our loud, fatiguing lives. And the trip WAS relaxing. But well rested, I am not.  Charlie gets up at like 4am and I am a super light sleeper, so I do not get much rest after that either. I have a hard time getting to sleep and he has a hard time staying asleep. A good pair that does not make. But the trip was still nice.


We went to a comedy club on Saturday night and that was fun. We saw a comedian known as “Uncle Lar”, Larry Reeb.  He was pretty funny and I remembered him from various TV shows. 


On Sunday we went to the new Sundance Theatre which was opened just last year by Robert Redford.  It was nice. Definitely not the typical movie houses I am used to.  You actually pick your seats (an NO Mom, I do not mean pick the underwear out of your butt) when you buy your tickets. The concession stand carries Pellegrino, Cappuccinos, Smoothies and FRUIT!! Fruit?? While watching a movie?? What kind of sac-relig is that shit?? So, risking the damning looks, I insisted on still ordering popcorn. The popcorn was WHITE!! White popcorn? Weird. And the butter? Real. That whole concession stand fiasco was a doozey.


We get to our plush reclining seats in time for the usher to enthusiastically announce the movie as the curtains open. Not a single commercial was shown, only a couple trailers for some foreign films. Thankfully, once the movie started, everything was once again right with the world. And it was a wonderful movie, The Life Before Her Eyes – one of the best I have seen in a long, long time. I wrote a review about it – check it out.  Anyway, the movie made me VERY emotionally. It really struck me on several levels. So we actually had to sit in the theatre after the ending for a while so I could regain some composure and wipe my salty, snotty face. I was so drained. We walked around the mall there for a bit, bought some gifts and then headed back to the hotel for some hot tub and room service and good ole TV.


All and all it was a good little – I stress LITTLE – trip. Next time, I need more days and my own room!!




I am a wee stressed at the moment.  My husband is buying a boat today. Can we afford it? Oh how you make me laugh. No. No, we cannot afford it.  But he just wouldn’t let up on it. Been harping for years.  Then, he figures out how to really get me. He brings up taking the kids out on his little piece of crap, 3 inches from the top of the water boat. Well of course I said ‘no freakin’ way’!! Then, in a moment of weakness…I tell him if he can find a decent used boat with a cuddy cabin for 5k or less, he can get it.  So, he found this one on Craigslist. It happened to be 5 mins from our house. It ALSO happens to be $6800 bucks!! We were finally at a point where we had a savings and living fairly comfortable. Now we will be back to where we were – with debt. This is so not cool. But what’s done is done and I just have to deal with it I guess.


Here is the boat we are buying – It is a 1994 20′ Rinker Captiva:







I am FINALLY just beginning to get over this horrible allergy, sinus, sickness, infection thing – whatever it is!! Ugh. About 2 weeks ago my allergies were going nuts. I was sneezing like a crazy person and my eyes were watering like faucets. I guess the “Oak” pollen count was really high. Well, then I started to get this nasty cough, sore throat, congestion and a bunch of really attractive, lovely symptoms. My Zyrtec helped, but not completely. I can tell now that it is finally getting better. Thankfully!! It was gross. Seriously. I will spare you the details. You’re welcome.




Okay…so Monday is the beginning of suck ass time. Why suck ass? Because I am starting a new diet and fitness plan on Monday. I hate diets. I hate fitness. Both suck ass. Thus the beginning of suck ass time. I am thinking this will be a couple months worth of suck ass. So, expect much complaining and whining and general bitchiness.


I joined E-Diets Deliciously Yours Meal Delivery Plan. Every week I will get my meals Fed-ex’d to me. Each day I get a prepared Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack. I add 3 fruit servings and 2 fat free dairy servings to that daily menu. And that is what I get to eat. Hooray.  I also have a totally planned out fitness program which includes treadmill, hand weights and resistance exercises. This is going to suck (ass) and I know it. But I HAVE to lose this weight. I am not a fat girl and I refuse to have the body of a fat girl. I will likely always be big. I never expect to wear bikinis again – at least I won’t look the same in them!! But I want to lose at least 20 lbs. I will keep you updated. In fact, I may have a separate section on my page just for my diet journal.  I will think about it.  If you check out the link and decide to join yourself, tell ‘em I sent ya…maybe I will get a discount or something LOL.




So, I don’t think I told ya yet…but I am going to see John Edward again in August. I am very excited and EXTREMLY grateful that I am getting this chance again.  I really do promise this time not to get so disappointed if I do not get a reading. Just the whole experience of being there is spectacular and there really is no room for disappointment!! My mom and I are going and staying in a hotel for a couple nights as a getaway. I think it will be nice. I am really looking forward to it.


Well, I think that is about it for today’s bloggy poo. I am exhausted and I need to make some dinner for the kiddos. Talk at ya soon!!


2 thoughts on “Thursday May 15, 2008

  1. My whole family had the disgusting allergy crud this year.  WAY worse then other years and we have found Allegra works best.  My son was on Claritin and Singular and still sneezing, but one Allegra works better then those 2 combined.  After a week and a half I have lost the sinus headaches I have suffered continuously from for years.  If the Zyrtec does not cut it or it makes you drowsy, or if you have good insurance and you can sometimes get prescriptions cheaper then OTC meds you might try it.Glad you are feeling better!Michelehomeschoolhousewife.blogspot.com

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