Good day y’all.  Hope you are all having a swell day – celebrating my birthday!!  Everyone – have that piece of cake on me!!!


My birthdays are usually very uneventful since my family is small and most of my friends are “computer contact only” lol.  But it has been a nice day so far.  I woke up to the kids singing to me…well, Kenzie was singing and Cassidy was meowing because today she is a cat apparently.  Charlie left me a card with a coupon in it saying I can buy whatever I want for myself. Of course, I am the one who does the bills and worries about the money…so its not like I can go nuts J But I will have to treat myself to something nice. Maybe some new shoes. I brought some yummy Kringle to work. My bosses, Jim and John, gave me a plant for my desk and sang Happy Birthday to me LMAO. That was very nice and unexpected!!  And neato Cyndi put such a nice posting on the Journal Times Blog Site wishing me a Happy Bday. Lots of sweet well wishes on there. Thanks all!! Anyway, hopefully the rest of the day will go smoothly and pleasantly.  


This weekend is definitely going to be “fat ass weekend”.  Saturday night we are going to the Corner House with my parents for dinner. Prime rib and lobster – hell yea!! Sunday I am going out to lunch with some blogger friends I have never met…so I will probably do that nervous eating thing. Not to mention the Danish Layer cake that will most certainly somehow show up in the house within the next few days!! On Monday I will be starting a rigorous exercise and diet plan. No, really…I will. Shit…you don’t believe me?? Well hell. You’ll be sorry once you see me looking like Angelina. Pppthttthth. Yea sure. More like Bea Arthur with a beer belly. (Sorry, Bea).


This blogger’s lunch thing has me a little nervous. A bunch of us local blogger gals will be meeting. Some of them have met before…but not me. These things make me anxious big time. New people, new things, leaving the house on my lazy Sunday…man. I am so screwed up, aren’t I?? No need to answer that. Besides, I heard you anyway.


I share my birthday with a friend of mine. His name is Jack and I want to give him a shout out – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!! Have a glass of wine for me J


Have a great day everyone!! Talk at ya later!!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeee

  1. Thank you very much!! I appreciate that. When I am writing this stuff I often wonder why I even put it on a blog – it is so mundane and boring to me really – so when I hear that someone actually not only READ some of it…but ENJOYED it??!! Wow. I am so so pleased. So again, thank you friend!!

  2. I found your site while searching for a friend of mine. I started reading your blog and really enjoy it. You sound a lot like me, a mom, just turned 41 but still feel 30! Anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts and life. I will be checking in on you and count you as a new friend 🙂 Katie

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