Sooo. What’s new? Nothing too terribly interesting. It makes me wonder why I even have a blog when I rarely have anything spectacular to report. Oh well. So be it. I shall continue on my boring way and spread my mundane thoughts through out cyber space.


I am currently doing the whole “I am bored with my tired ass hair and I need a change quick because it is still winter, I am pale and still too fat for any cute clothes so I only have my hair to make pretty” thang. Ever go through that? No?? Well then…it’s just me I guess.


So…anywho…I already have an appointment set for next Saturday to get just a couple low maintenance highlights. But then I started thinking about getting a drastic cut as well. Here is what my hair basically looks like now (only the bangs are past my nose now):




And this is the cut I am thinking of getting:




I sent a picture to my mom, fully expecting a “Don’t you dare” kind of response. But apparently they serve margaritas now in the cafeteria at her work because she replied in a most strange and surprising way. She said she recently got a similar cut and that I would love it – and get this….she thought it would look ‘good’ on me. Now, this is so un-mom-like. She always yelled at me whenever I cut my hair. She always wanted my hair long and with bangs. In fact when I grew out my bangs she told me that I looked ‘ugly’ without them. She claims she never said that – but I know the truth. So you think it could be a sign??


If I do get the cut, I am going to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. So, I have a whole week to grow some balls and decide to make such a big change. It has taken about 5 years to grow my hair out and I wanted to get it to mid back length. But like I said…I am so blah feeling lately, I need some kind of change.  




Work has been pretty slow and I have discovered an online game that has gotten me not only fairly addicted but also I am on the verge of having to enter an anger management program. What is called The Level Game is kind of a brain game which is never ending for a person like me since the creator keeps adding more levels. If one day you are bored or not feeling quite stupid enough – you should check it out.




We have a lot going on next weekend. Friday we both have off to basically spend cleaning – yippee. Saturday I have “Hair Makeover Trauma” in the morning. Later in the afternoon we are have some people over for ice cream cake and coffee for Charlie’s birthday. Then my mom is spending the night that night. Sunday we will be going to Easter Brunch – YUM. Later on my brother, sis in law and nieces will be coming over so the girls can have an egg hunt. The rest of the weekend will likely be spent sleeping. So I am sure you found that incredibly mind blowing. (chuckle). I guess I just need to write it down so I have it all figured out in my little mind. Hey!! I warned ya – MUNDANE!!


Talk at ya later.


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