I will be voting for Barack Obama in the Primary and hopefully in the general election. At first I was torn because of 2 issues I feel strongly about – healthcare and gay marriage. But I realized that Hillary’s healthcare plan will have a difficult time – if not impossible – ever taking hold anyway. And that gay marriage should be left up to the states and as long as no constitutional amendment was going to take place, then this should not be a concern when voting for President. I would like to explain why I am choosing Obama over Clinton. I feel it is unnecessary to point out why I will not be voting for Huckabee or McCain…I hope that is obvious lol. So, just for the hell of it…here are my reasons as I can verbalize at the moment. Not that anyone cares, but since the conversation was started…here I go…


One reason I was concerned about Hillary being president was regarding foreign affairs. As it is well known, many countries do not value or respect women in general. And I would worry that a woman – at this point in time, considering whom our greatest ‘enemies’ are – being the leader of the most powerful nation, could wound us at a foreign affairs level.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a woman president. And to be  honored to be alive during a time when that is even possible is moving for me. But I cannot see voting for a candidate simply based on their gender. In fact, gender – as unfortunate as it is – could be a deterrent at this particular time. This is something that I struggle with because I know how that may sound. And I admit, I am certainly not an expert on these matters.


On the same token I also tend to believe that the face of Obama could actually do the opposite. I did not even consider this before reading some of what Mark Czerniec wrote on his local blog. I think that countries that see America as a white bread, oppressive society may begin to see us differently when Obama is our nation’s leader. They will see that the people of our country have chosen a man who comes from mixed roots and who has attended Muslim schools. They may begin to see that we are not as evil and bigoted as we once appeared. Although, sadly, much of our country is still in that mindset that “Muslim=Bad…Color=Bad…Different=Bad”. So perhaps with Obama at the lead, we can even begin to heal ourselves of these ingrained parasites of ignorance. When I read our local blogs and hear people speak about Obama as a “terrorist” or “sleeper cell”…it truly pains me. Not only because it is ignorant and wrong. But because right here where I call home…there are far too many misguided (to say the least) minds. Obama can quite possibly begin to help us forge through barriers not only overseas, but also here in our own backyards.


I have been put off by the campaigning strategies from the Clinton camp thus far. I believe that the Clintons can be quite cut throat. This is likely common with such “experienced” politicians. Obama has yet to stoop to the campaigning we are so used to. And I hope it stays that way. This is one more example I believe his so-called inexperience may be quite beneficial to us in the long run.  They call Obama an idealist who has no idea how to run a business, let alone a country. Well maybe that is exactly what we need. Old time politics and business isn’t working. We need a complete overhaul. Instead of continually filling in the potholes of what is wrong with America we need to tear out the road and build a new one. I never parented before I had a child, yet I consider myself to be a damn good mother. Experience can be an over rated term to deflect from the fact that they do not have anything worse to say about him. Phooey.


Hillary does have some scandals behind her that I do not fully understand and I sincerely do not think we will ever really know the full truth about.  As much as I liked her husband as President at the time, I am not sure that we can trust her enough to have her at the helm. Not that we should fully trust anyone in that arena – but I am sure you know what I mean.


So, on this Saturday morning with a wet towel on my head and my eyes still blurred from sleep – this is what I give to you as my reasoning for voting for Barack Obama. I hope I have made some sense and even given someone out there something to consider.


I will now get off my lazy butt and attempt to be productive. Have a good weekend J



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