Have a question you’ve always wondered about? Do you have an issue with a local business? Why is the sky red at dusk? Who invented shoelaces? Any question – we will answer it for ya….well, to the best of our abilities of course. As some of you may know, I used to write segments for the Glad You Asked column in The Racine Journal Times. Since then, the reporter who initially started that column (Dustin Block) has moved on from TJT. But he started a new blog site with the same idea. It is called (I proudly take credit for coming up with title) “The Know it All”.  Visit our site and click the link to send us any question/s you’d like!! And make sure to visit often!! I am sure we will just be a wealth of knowledge added to your day 🙂




One thought on “Got a Question?? Visit Our Know it All Site!!!!

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