Since being a member here…in 2005…I have accepted every "Friends" request I have received on here. Needless to say, after that much time of just willy nilly YES answers I ended up with over 150 "friends". So, I decided to go through my list today and clean it up. I visited every site of those I didn’t REALLY know. And if they fit into certain categories – I deleted them from my friends list. This is what I mean….
 – If it looked like a guy was just trying to pick up chics (like men who have nothing but 30 women in their friends lists or say they are "looking for love")
 – If the profile had nothing whatsoever on it
 – If the profile was X Rated or sex seeking
 – If the profile was obviously set up to sell stuff or promote some strange business
 – If the profile was set to private and I could not see it
 – If the profile was entirely in a language other than English. Not that I do not love those from other places – I do!! But if I cannot read what you write…what is the point??
Also, just for future reference, if a profile falls under these categories I will deny the request from now on. I also deny ALL Messenger requests as I do not IM. I am not a chat room gal, I refuse to text on my cell phone…that just isn’t me. So, I also do not go on IM unless it is to talk to a good friend or relative and I haven’t even done that in over a year.
I LOVE to meet friends on here. All types of friends…guys, gals, young, old…whatever. But I am not here to meet, flirt and talk dirty…so if that is your plan, please pass this one by.

3 thoughts on “Regarding My Spaces Friends….

  1. You tell ’em girl! As if we had time for that kind of nonsense! I want to spend my time with people who have a real life with interesting things to share. You’ve got a great site here; adorable daughter! I’ve only got one son who’s twelve now; still keeps me busy though.  If you get a chance, visit my site! Have a great day!

  2. I hear ya!  I do the same thing.  I get tired of the perv’s!
    Sorry to hear you haven’t heard anything on the contest.
    My fingers were crossed for ya.
    Have a good weekend!

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