So, a couple months ago I got this email from about a contest. Philosophy is my favorite brand of skin care products. They are WONDERFUL. They smell great, feel great and really help my skin. Anyway, they wanted people to write their own short Philosophy story – either how it has helped them, how they started using it – anything like that. So I quickly wrote something up and sent it in. They had said that anyone who enters gets a little gift. I figured maybe some little sample of something – and I am a sucker for free stuff – even sample sized…so…there ya go. Anyway, about a month later I get this full sized lip gloss in the mail (works great btw). I was so happy!! Then yesterday I got an email saying that out of the hundreds – I think she said over 500 – entires, I was in the final 50. The number still needed to be narrowed down to 25. And all 25 of those winners will get a free all expense paid trip to L.A. (have never been there) and a chance to be in one of their infomercials. She wanted to make sure I was available for the filming days – which HELL YEA I am!! And I needed to send in a head shot. I had NO pictures of myself that didn’t make me want to vomit. So I had Charlie take some last night. Some of them are below. I still hate all of them – I cannot stand pictures of myself and when I look at them I see every flaw. But I did choose two and sent them this morning. I guess we will get the results next week!! I am excited, but I am not allowing myself to get my hopes up. It would be a such a fun and exciting thing to happen and that is really what the Dr ordered right now. But…we shall see…I will keep you abreast!!
These are the two I ended up sending in….

8 thoughts on “Possible Contest Winner!!

  1. Now I am blushing while trying to remember those tips on learning to take a compliment (have never been good at that). So….thank you…(I am strongly resisting my natural urge to say something negative about myself…, those affirmations just are NOT working lol).
    Nope no news yet. They said we should hear by the end of THIS week. So hopefully by Friday you will see a Horray post. If not you will see my on here bitchin and moanin about how life sucks and I never win anything LOL.

  2. Any news on the contest yet?  Keepin my fingers crossed for ya!  Hope you win…Oh…and my favorite pic is #3.  You have a beautiful smile!!You’re gorgeous period!And as Amy would say…"I’m not a lesbo!"  LOL 🙂

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