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In the song ‘Angry’ there is a quote, “I just want to be angry.” Well, listening to ‘Defying the Stereotype’, Landon’s newest and self-released CD, that statement is so painfully obvious. I felt during most of the album that I was being scolded or punished in some way. All the shouting and angst appears to me to be something as simple as misguided talent. And I say talent because Landon, the lead singer, definitely is pure and raw in that regard. There are moments throughout this CD where you are awakened by a change of pace and drawn to her Stefani-like, melodic vocals. But then the moment is quickly banished by more yelling and drowning out instrumentals.


There are also misplaced production additions that seem odd. In the third track, First to Come in Last (which is a sweet title by the way), the beginning of the song has these background “Ohs” and “Ahs” which are in true teeny bopper fashion. It is not only strange but also obnoxious. And it certainly did not fit with the rest of the heaviness that adorns 90% of this album.


By naming the CD ‘Defying the Stereotype’, I can only guess that they wish not to be a part of any particular genre. And the music certainly accomplishes that wish. While it is attractive to be independent and have variety within a band and even within a CD, it makes it difficult to find a fan base when the music stomps all over the place as though it is lost and without a home.


Instrumentally, the band, Landon, is mediocre. Vocally, there are gobs of potential. Young and fresh – I can see Landon, herself, becoming a true star. But I believe that she will need to find her niche and tone down the PO’d screaming just a tad.


In the meantime, I think this would be a good CD to crank up after a bitter breakup, a couple thrown lamps and a few Jack and Cokes. 


3 thoughts on “Landon – CD Review

  1. Yea, this one I wasn’t too thrilled about. Brandi Carlile is by far the best I have reviewed. Usually I get to review them a while before they are for sale.
    As for the Jack and Cokes – ugh. I had too many back in the day which may be a reason why I can no longer drink alcohol at all!!! I cannot tolerate it – my heart goes nuts. But yep – that was my drink. The bartender didn’t even need to ask. Ahh my long lost 20s…. 

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