Monday July 23, 2007

Hi there everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather here was great. I wish I could say I took full advantage of it – but I didn’t. Oh well. Next time.
Saturday we did a bit of shopping so I could look for a dress for my brother’s wedding and a swim suit for vacation (and maybe swim classes for Cassidy). Dresses and swimsuits are my most depressing things to shop for – as most women probably. But I hate shopping to begin with – so the whole thing makes me uber depressed.
I have been increasing my exercise to vomitous (only because I hate exercise to begin with) levels. I have been on my treadmill EVERY day for at least an hour a day. I am doing lunges constantly and my arm weights almost everyday. This weight just doesn’t want to budge. Very frustrating.
I wish I could say these are my biggest stresses, but no. My mom is in a lot of pain due to her enlarged kidney. They did a test on Friday and found that there is a blockage that has caused her kidney to fail – probably many years ago. She has decided that she wants to have it removed ASAP because the pain is genuinely affecting her life.
She will be in contact with a Dr. in Milwaukee this week and hopefully they can schedule the surgery soon so it can just be over with. The waiting is the worst. We are also hoping that the surgery can be done laprascopically – which would mean less pain, less hospital stay and less recovery time. So – I am really crossing my fingers for that option.
I hope we can find out more today.
Several times a year something happens to my neck. It gets really painful and stiff and I cannot turn to one side. I have no idea why this happens but it is a pain in the…well…so yesterday I basically laid around and did very little. Did my treadmill (of course) and watch a couple movies while doing some laundry. I watched ‘The Dead Girl’ which was actually quite good. Fabulous acting by some wonderful woman actors. And I also watched ‘Diggers’ which was okay. Interesting enough. 
This morning my neck still hurts and again I feel like doing nothing. I will give Cass her bath, either play in the yard or go to the park and that is about it.
Anyway, hope your day is a good one. Talk at ya soon.

About Heather Rayne

I am a mom, wife, writer, volunteer, eater of food, lover of animals and avid TV enthusiast. I am opinionated, honest, compassionate and sensitive. I can also be difficult, hard headed and emotional. I consider myself to have a great sense of humor and am very attracted to that in others. I am striving to live an authentic life. I am attempting to learn how to find happiness in the now. I always have hope to be a better person. That being said - I can be vulgar, negative and even a little bitchy at times. I say what I mean and my filter is often dysfunctional. With me, what you see is what you get. I have strong opinions and am quick to speak my mind. This can cause problems from time to time but I do not ever intend to hurt or offend anyone. With that - be warned. I do hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for visiting and have a swell day.

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