Here is the link to the online article (as you may notice, they did not print exactly what I wrote  )



Reader asks, “With the new energy efficient bulbs, it says they have some sort of mercury in them and not to dispose of them in the garbage. How do you dispose of them?”


Thank god for this question being assigned to me – because I had NO idea these bulbs could not be put into the regular garbage! But sure enough, upon inspection of the fine print of my energy efficient bulbs (that happen to be in just about every light socket in my home) – it certainly does say right on there “Contains mercury – do not dispose in garbage”. Boy.


So, I called the City of Racine Public Works Department. I was informed that Racine CITY and Sturtevant residents can dispose of these and other household hazardous waste items at the Household Hazardous Waste site which is located at 6200 21st Street just north of Sam’s Club.  As I said, this site is ONLY for these residents and you will need to show driver’s license or a property tax bill as proof of residency.  The site is open every 3rd Saturday from 8am – 1pm.


I, living in Mount Pleasant, was curious as to where a non-city resident would be able to dispose of these bulbs. After contacting The Village of Mount Pleasant I became aware that if you live in Mt Pleasant or Caledonia – its not just the light bulbs that are screwed. Apparently the hazardous waste site for these areas had been funded by government grants and that grant was not approved for this year. I was basically told that our best option was to find a person in the city who can dispose of them for us.


So, if you live in the City of Racine – you are set and now know where to go. If you live in Mount Pleasant or Caledonia…I hope you have some city friends and if not – time to make some!! 




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