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The old section of the south pier is badly in need of repair.  A big 5 foot section has fallen away, where you have about one foot if pier section left to walk through.  Other large cracks have also developed and are falling away, and if this isn’t corrected, we will lose the pier altogether to the elements.  Many people use these piers for fishing.  Who is responsible for maintaining both the north and the south piers infrastructure, and why aren’t they being maintained?




Bob W.



Well, Bob, at first I thought I wasn’t going to get anyone to own up to the responsibility for the piers. I first contacted the City of Racine Parks Department who then referred me to Racine County Public Works who tried to pawn me back off onto the Parks Department. But before too long, I did receive a call back from Glenn Lampark, an employee with the Racine County Public Works, and he did in fact assure me that they were responsible for those structures.


Lampark informed me that the county does periodic monitoring of both the South and North Piers and that they are aware of the deterioration.  Some repair was finished a few years ago on one section of the South Pier. And while there is no current plan in place to repair the existent damages, they are reviewing the matter. He said that it was primarily an accessibility issue and not a structural one as the pier itself is stable.  He says it is the outer concrete portion that needs to be fixed, but the pier is in no danger of completely disappearing.


Much of the South Pier is still just fine for fishing according to Lampark. The Eastern portion especially is used frequently. And there is always the option of using the North Pier.


So, while I went fishing for answers in hopes there would be some good news for you, Bob…turns out there may be bigger fish to fry in the budget and that this wouldn’t be top on the ‘to do’ list. However with ample options for fishing in this city (be it lakes, rivers, ponds or streams) – I am sure the local anglers can always find a place to cast their line. Keep reeling ‘em in!! 


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