I just got back from staying with my mom last night. She called me yesterday morning to tell me some scary news. Well, first, her lower back has been in pain for about 2 years. She has gone to her Dr and Chiropractors. It had been getting worse and she finally went in for an MRI. She assumed she would probably need to get cortisone shots or something – that there would be back damage for whatever reason. Anyway, apparently they saw something on the MRI that suggested she had a problem with her kidney. The next day she had a Cat Scan. This was Thursday and Friday. She didn’t tell me until Saturday morning because she knows how much I worry.
It turns out that one of her kidneys has completely lost function. It is not working at all and likely has not for quite sometime. Her blood work is all great and normal. She is very healthy otherwise with perfect BP, Lipids and blood sugar. She is not overweight and only 53 years old. No reason to ever suspect something like this. We are assuming it is a congenital problem she may have been born with perhaps.
Her GP told her that she will need to have it removed or it could cause toxins in her body that would be fatal. She is seeing a urologist tomorrow and probably a nephrologist shortly thereafter.  The surgery will likely have her in the hospital a week or so with another 6-8 weeks of recovery. She will then be depending on the one kidney.
Needless to say, I am very scared. I can think of nothing else for more than a minute. I cannot lose her. I couldn’t handle that. So, I may not be on so much. I will want to be with her as much as I can and at the hospital as much as I can. But, like I said, we dont know too many details right now.
I love her so much and she is my closest friend. My only friend. Not just my mom. I am sure she knows that. Ugh. This whole thing is making me sick. Literally. I threw up (TMI  – I know) tonight. Why can’t things just be happy and smoothe EVER.

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