So, how the heck are ya on this HOT HOT day?? Cassidy is down for her nap and I have a quick minute or so for some spewing…so….here we go….
Last week Charlie got some bug up his Ty Pennington wanna be ass and he decides to start pulling the wall paper off the walls in our half bath. Yes, the wallpaper WAS hideous. It was that 70s silver foily looking stuff with orange and yellow leaves – pretty nasty. BUT it was in good shape and we had no plans for remodeling right now. But whats done is done and now the walls needed to be painted. So we go to the store to buy paint and he says he want to do the floor while were at it – mind as well do it all at once because it will only take – get this – a "couple of hours" LOL. So, we get the paint and flooring. We then remembered that we really needed a new toilet seat – the brown cushy wood grain look was just not doing it for me. So we look and look but as suspected, there are no seats that match the lovely mustard color porcelain toilet. Now what?? Well…we just so happened to walk down the toilet aisle. And Charlie points out that they are really pretty cheap – why not just get a new one. Ugh. I had no more strength and he could sense my desire to get out of that store – he could sense that I would likely say okay to just about anything just to GET HOME. Now our toilet will be white while our sink still that mustard yellow. We couldn’t have that now could we?! So, we found a vanity/sink combo and I grabbed the sales guy and just said I want this. What the hell, we are already spending a crap load of money we don’t have – whats another couple hundred?? I say that tongue in cheek of course as spending money literally makes my tummy cramp and I always throw up in my mouth a bit.  A compulsive shopper I will never be!!
Anyway, this was Saturday and now all of the stuff from the bathroom still lies on our dining table awaiting the primer to dry so it can be painted (hopefully tonight). Floor should be laid tomorrow. And this whole project BETTER be completed by this weekend. So much for a couple hours – eh?? This is just so not my arena. I am not one who constantly needs to be improving things, getting the better model, bigger and better is just not my MO. I like things comfortable, familiar. And while – SURE – I would love to have nice things and a beautifully updated home, I prefer to have chaotic free weekends watching movies and going out for ice cream. Yes, I am a lazy ass. And a cheap lazy ass at that. Could be worse, right??
I am also in the midst of planning our 4th of July cookout. I get a wee bit OCD about menus and planning for stuff like this. Plus, some friends I haven’t seen in YEARS should be coming and I want things to be yummy and pretty. Perhaps it will distract from my extra weight since seeing them or the years that have planted on my face…??? I can only hope. I am very excited to see them though and I hope everyone shows up. Its not too often I get to be around friends and loved ones (other than my immediate family) and I do get lonely here at home. So, this will be a treat. But on Monday and Tuesday I will be cooking and cleaning non-stop 🙂
After the 4th, an old friend is coming to town. Paige and I have been friends since my sophomore year of high school. So I guess that would be about 17 years now! She lives in Maine and was married (pretty fast impromptu wedding) last weekend. I did not attend as it was a small family event. I actually didn’t even know about it until a few days prior. She has been with her new groom for a long time now and they have 2 children together. I have met her son twice, but never her (now) husband. So, they are having a bit of a reception in July and I am excited to see her. I miss her often. I am sure I will cry and be emotional and nostalgic. She probably won’t be. Her and I can be so different. She is quite Stoic and confident. Knows just what she wants and has always accomplished what she desired as far as I remember. I always looked up to her and was quite envious at times. Always wanted her strength, intelligence and independence.
I have been noticing something lately and perhaps I am reaching here, but I feel that society is becoming more spiritual – perhaps unintentionally or even subconciously…but I am noticing things I hadn’t before. More and more television shows are displaying some kind of existential or spiritual context. The same with movies. You hear much more about mediums and psychics than just a few years ago. I wouldn’t say I completely believe in Sylvia Browne (a psychic who is often on The Montel Williams Show) as she does not validate like John Edward does. But I find some of what she has to say very interesting. She says that they ‘veil is lifting’ between this life and the afterlife. She claims that this is because most of us are on our last lives and that this world – as we know it – will not exist very much longer. Because of these things, people are more in-tuned with a spiritual side. If nothing else…it is an interesting topic.
Well, I suppose I should get going. My eyes ache after sitting at the computer for too long – I really need to be wearing my reading glasses. I added some new pictures to the latest album on this site. Some cute ones. And I am sure to have plenty after the 4th!!
Have a good one.

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