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This was one of my submissions from the Mommy Talk blog contest that TJT held a while back (which I did win by the way – blushed cheeks). They have been publishing the entries now and then and here is one of mine they printed last Friday.

I remember being a young single woman with no children. I would get annoyed with the crying kids in the stores. I would get furious with the screaming ones. I would never understand why the parents didn’t seem to even hear their children as their piercing screams stabbed through my eardrums. Or see them bolt down the aisle like the road runner for that matter.

I remember before having children I would say things like “I will never do that when I am a mom.” Or “My child will never…” just fill in the blank. I didn’t say these things often as I was aware of my own obvious ignorance. I mean, you really don’t know until you are a parent – right? Well, for the most part.

I was lucky and helped raise my stepdaughter since she was 14 months old. So I did have some experience by the time my daughter was born. But I had no idea what mothering an infant would be like.

There are some promises I made to myself which I have completely abandoned. And then there are some things in which I have been unwavering.


What have I relinquished?

Letting my child sleep with a bottle – this even went on to letting her sleep with a sippy until her 2nd         birthday. Yes, I am ashamed

Using pull ups during the potty training transition – okay…so they are very helpful after all

Exclusively breastfeeding for the first few months – I simply couldn’t keep up so I had to supplement sooner than I expected

Using threats and bribes – ugh 

Telling my child to “be careful” constantly – I know this is bad. I am working on it. I promise. But these kids are like little Evil Knievals!!

Letting my child watch the same movie 2 days in a row – Now, this is better than some kids who are allowed to watch the same movie over and over in the same day…right??


What pledges have I held?

Never letting my child sleep in my bed – in her own cradle/crib/bed from day one

No bottles after one year – still on sippies at 30 months though

No candy before 2 years – and really that is a very rare occurrence

Not bringing my infant/toddler to a movie theatre – can someone explain why anyone would do this?

Constant love and kisses – I mean, come on…she is the cutest child ever on earth

No baby beauty contests – yuck

No Barney – double yuck

Promptly remove all boogers ASAP – please people…wipe those little noses so we don’t all have to be subjected to those lovely snot bubbles and cemented nostrils

Keep track of most milestones in baby book – I wish we had done this with my step daughter 

Take LOTS of pictures – Lots. Too many. It’s really ridiculous actually


So, what pledges have you abandoned? Which have you kept? Any regrets on either??



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