Racine Journal Times reader asks:


I live in Caledonia. What can I do with a hot tub that is broke?”



Link to the online article:





When the bubbles stop bubbling and the hot turns to cold…it’s time to toss that oh so relaxing hot tub. But how the heck does a person unload such an item?? Well, there are several answers.


The reader stated that he resides in the Town of Caledonia. Caledonia currently uses Waste Management for their trash pick up. Upon calling them I learned that even though they have free bulk pickups every Friday, a hot tub would be much too large for this type of service. For their bulk pick up service the items (or items cut into pieces) can be no larger than 3’ by 5’ and no heavier than 80 pounds each. So, if you could dismantle the hot tub into sections that are within those guidelines, then you could have it picked up at the curb for free on Fridays.


If one is unable to cut it into pieces, they could bring it to a land fill themselves and a fee may be charged. There are several different landfills in the area. Waste Management has three (Franklin, Menomonee Falls and Bristol). You can dispose of hot tubs at any one of those facilities, but there is some instruction and charge information (may be free depending on where you live) you may want to receive before heading to one of them. Feel free to give a call ahead of time. I spoke to a very nice woman at the Franklin site and their number is 414-529-6180.


As for disposing of hot tubs in the city of Racine, no pick up there either. You would have to take it to the landfill yourself. And at the landfill in Racine, they do have a minimum fee of $41.00 whether you are a resident or not. Again, I suggest calling ahead. That number is 262-224-7080.


In Mount Pleasant, Violia, is the trash collection service and they work much like Waste Management with their bulk pickup guidelines. Call ahead with dimensions and they can advise you the best way to handle that.


One other option is a company called 1-800-Got-Junk. For a fee, they will pick up any item you need to dispose of without any preparation on your part. From your basement to your backyard to your attic, no matter the spot, they will get it out and take it away. You can visit their website at www.1800gotjunk.com or give them a call for further information on this convenient and easy service.


Now, if anyone needs to get rid of a nice, working hot tub – feel free to place it in my back yard whenever you’d like!!


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