A Racine Journal Times reader asks:
"Does the city have any plans for new lighting for the Pershing Park Soccer Field? I believe it’s been 2-3 years that the soccer field has been without working lights.  It would sure be nice if the High School kids could play night games under the lights again."
Here is the link to the online segment:
And here is my answer:

I spoke with Donnie Snow, Director of Racine Parks Department, who claims that they do have intentions of having lights at Pershing Park Field. He, however, does not have any time frame in which this may happen. Discussions regarding the funding, time and materials are in the works.


With sunset being past 8pm these days, I suppose an earlier game would be necessary down by the lake. You could still consider that a night game I suppose.  But that does take that excitement out of those flood lit fields surrounded by dark skies and black waters. I remember games like that when I was a teen. And come to think of it – it did make the whole moment that much more enthralling…even for a not-so-sports fan.


Perhaps those interested could contact the parks department with their ideas and even donations of money, time and services to shed some light on that field sooner than later. Just a thought.


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