Today one of my parent’s cats (they had four) had to be put to sleep.
Sydney came to us as a very young cat in 1993 shortly after my grandmother’s passing. My mother was very distraught about losing her mother unexpectedly – understandably so.  My Grandma Rose loved cats. She only had two, but probably would have had many if she had the space for them. She never was without a cat in her adult life. My mom has always been quite certain that Grandma Rose sent Sydney to her. Not just because she wanted some sign from her mom. But because Sydney very much needed a home. This sweet, gentle kitty slept under our porch for about a week before my mom could talk my step father into letting the cat live with us. Within just days of ‘moving’ into the house…Sydney gave birth to one kitten. Enter KC. Two gifts from Grandma.
Sydney lived to be about 15 years old. She was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and just yesterday diagnosed with a heart problem which was irreversible. My parents made the decision to let her go in peace and without pain. She passed away this afternoon.
Siddy was always very sweet. Never once swatted or bit. Never hissed or showed her teeth. Nothing but gentle kindness from a cat that did not have such a kind beginning.
Sydney will be missed greatly.
All four cats: Gordon, Sydney, Punky and KC
Mommie and Baby (Sydney and KC)
Slept together always….

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