Is it Friday night yet? No? Well screw you. J

I am soooooooooooooooo tired. I have not been this tired since the days when Cass was a newborn and breastfeeding every half hour. And again, this exhaustion is little darling’s fault. She decided to get sick on our little water park vacation. Great timing this kid has, let me tell ya.

So…here’s the dealio.  

We were leaving to go to The Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan on Sunday morning. They have an indoor water park and we took both kids. Anyway, Saturday night, Cassidy kept waking up. At least every two hours or so. She hasn’t really done this in a long time so I was kinda worried. She also felt a bit warm, but it was very hot in her room. I gave her some Motrin just in case. She wasn’t complaining of anything. When I would go in there she would just say “Time to eat” or “Watch movie now”. I’d tell her to go nite nite so we can go to the water park tomorrow. We have been talking to her about it for weeks.

In the morning, we were all quite tired, but she seemed just fine. She did fall asleep on the living room floor as we were packing, but we figured she was tired from being up all night. I mean, hell, I would have laid next to her and taken a nap if I could! So, we leave for the overnight trip and she slept the whole way up there. Never thought anything of it.

We get there and as I was putting on her swim suit I realized she was really quite warm. I began to panic. For those who know me, it won’t come as a shocker that I am always prepared. Especially for medical emergencies. But this time – no. I had not thermometer. No children’s medicine. Nothing. I went down to the gift shop and bought some Children’s Motrin. She took some and seemed to feel better shortly. We decided she was okay enough to go to the water park – it is all indoors and a balmy 84 degrees.

She (as we all) had fun for several hours. I think we were there about 3 hours and she started shivering. But she still wanted to play even though she wasn’t quite being herself. The shivering freaked me out because it was quite warm. So I brought her back to the room and Charlie and Kenzie stayed for a while longer.

When we got back to the room we got all dried off and changed. She seemed fine, but tired. She played around, watched some cartoons and finally fell asleep on the couch. After a good nap she woke up and we tried to go to one of the restaurants for dinner. But she was warm again and totally out of it. I asked to take the food up to the room and we just ate up there while Cassidy slept more.  She finally woke up and demanded “I Hungy!!” So I warmed up her food and she plowed it in. Seemed to feel much better. And just in time for story time. Every night they have a story time in the lobby where they serve milk and cookies and all the kids listen to a story. So they put on their PJs and headed down with Charlie while I got cozy and watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives. What a horrible (sad) ending by the way. I usually don’t get too into that show, but man…

Anyway, shortly after their return we got into bed. Of course Cass would not sleep in her bunk so she ended up sleeping with us. At some point I got kicked out and went to sleep on the couch.

The next day I continued to supply her with Motrin and Tylenol (alternated as Drs have always suggested). She began to really complain about her mouth hurting, but would point way down in her throat. I was certain it was strep and not happy. She has had strep several times now and it sucks. It feels so draining and helpless to not be able to really explain or console her – to make her pain completely go away. I feel so heartbroken when she is in pain and doesn’t even know why.

Even though she was complaining for a bit that her mouth hurt, she ate breakfast and seemed completely fine again. No complaining for hours. So we went back to the water park for 2 hours – Cassidy had a blast on the slides and playing water basketball. Kenzie loved the Lazy River and that big boat thing that dumps 1000 gallons of water every 5 mins or so. They both had a lot of fun.

But we were all tired and decided to get dressed and head out.

We took a long way home and finally stopped for a late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was neat and yummy, but very over priced in my opinion.

We got home and basically went to bed.

About 10pm Cassidy started waking up screaming. She would cry and scream and say her mouth hurt ‘really bad’. Besides the pain reliever I didn’t know what to do. Water? No. Wet cloth to chew on? No. Nothing soothed her. Then she would fall back to sleep for another hour. And then again wake up screaming. This went on all night over and over. When shed go back to bed I would walk away and just bawl. Seeing her in pain was horrible. I really felt like I was going to breakdown – seriously loose it. At one point she was REALLY bad. Having a huge fit and screaming her lungs out. I insisted we go to the ER and Charlie said to wait and see. I called the on call doctor who said that we could go to the ER or wait a few hours until the clinic opened at 8am. It was about 4am at the time. We got her to watch some of a movie and she seemed to get better. I think that the pain was exasperated by the serious fatigue she must have had. Three nights of basically no real sleep. She then went back to sleep and we took her to the Dr. at 8:30am.

They did a strep test that came back negative. But she did have ulcerations on the back of her throat. Dr. said it is a viral throat infection. They don’t know why kids get it and there isn’t much you can do for it. They gave her a prescription of lidocaine (a liquid that numbs the area) that we are supposed to apply to the back of her throat 3 times a day with a long q tip. This chore is practically impossible, but we do our best. They also said to continue with the pain relievers. Today is Thursday and it seems as though it is almost gone. She is back to herself and not really complaining anymore.

Because she has had this twice now and strep several times, the doctor recommended she see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) physician. Said she may need to have her tonsils removed. My heart dropped. The thought of her having surgery at such a young age – it is unthinkable to me. I really can’t even think about that right now. Mackenzie had her’s out when she was about 5. She couldn’t eat without crying for 2 weeks!! I don’t know if she played it out or what because everyone else tells me that their kids were fine after a few hours!! But if Cassidy was like that at this young age, it would be awful for her. And Kenzie REALLY needed it. She snored terribly and couldn’t breath that well. Cassidy doesn’t have those issues.

So, anyway…that was our mini vacation and the reason for my extreme exhaustion. Exciting story eh?? LOL. Not really, but journals are just that…journals. Not everything in life is deep and interesting J


Tonight I am so NOT looking forward to. It is the second ‘meeting of the parents’. Charlie, his ex and I are meeting with a counselor for the 2nd time. The first time was completely a waste. Everything she said she would do or change has even gotten worse. I see no point in these appointments anymore. I was the one that wanted to have them in the first place, but I am starting to see Charlie’s point – it is a waste of time. Anyway, the anticipation of these meetings makes me quite anxious and crabby. I just want it to be over with. And I just really REALLY want a happy normal life. Ya know??


Another exciting chapter…our blender broke and I need to buy a new one. I have never purchased a blender before and not sure where to buy a good but affordable one. I guess I will go to Target or Penneys today or tomorrow and check them out. Charlie and the kids need their smoothies J


I was watching The View yesterday and H-O-L-Y  C-R-A-P!!! Here is the video:


Everyday I DVR The View. I put my darling down for a nap, make my daily turkey sandwich (or salad) and sit down to watch one hour (actually probably 30 mins with skipped commercials) of TV – The View. That is the only thing I watch during daylight hours.

I have my certain feelings about each host, but I won’t get into that.

I can say that the empathic in me must be very sensitive yesterday because I was in tears. Jaw dropped and teary eyed, I watched Rosie and Elizabeth go at it. I could sense that they were both hurt and had racing hearts. I really feel bad for both of them. Our country is torn apart. We have the side that is very much against this administration, the side that will stand with them through thick and thin and the portion that are apathetic to it all. It breaks my heart. We have enough discontent and hate in this country. Now we are separated by yet another difference. The situation between Rosie and Elizabeth was a small demonstration of what is happening on a very large scale throughout America. It almost feels as though we are in the midst of an emotional civil war.

Very sad.


Okay…I suppose I have blathered on enough. It is a BEAUTIFUL day today and bugger and I should get in the yard for some play and maybe weed pulling.

Talk at ya soon – Have a splendid day J


3 thoughts on “Thursday May 24, 2007 – Water Slides, My Sick Baby and Pure Exhaustion

  1. -Saturday night, Cassidy kept waking up. At least every two hours 
    -so I was kinda worried. She also felt a bit warm, 
    -I gave her some Motrin just in case. 
     -she slept the whole way up there
    -We get there and as I was putting on her swim suit I realized she was really quite warm. I began to panic.

  2. Banana is right. Because that must be the consistency of your brain if you really think that I do not know who you are.
    I did not say high fever. She did not demonstrate sickness until we were there and while we were there she was fine most of the time. I gave her the medicine just in case to help her feel better. If she seemed that sick – we were in a CITY and would have had plenty of options. Even when we got home she seemed just fine. At one point she told me that the straw hurt her mouth and took my finger and touched it to the roof of her mouth. So we thought she just scraped it with the straw. She had no other symptoms and we had no reason to think she was very ill. In fact even the Dr said there was nothing we could do. AND the Dr I called in the middle of the night said that waiting a couple hours would hurt nothing and that we would likely be waiting in the ER that long anyway.
    So, please, do not tell me to ‘be the parent’. That is exactly what I do and do very well.
    Now, get yourself the mental health help you so desperately need and stay away from my site if you hate me so much you conflicted bitch.

  3. OK so you took your sick child on vacation even though she was sick.  Plus you stayed on vacation even though your child was sick.  She had a high fever, screaming because her mouth hurt and you just kept givng her med. for her fever.  Your husband was nuts, you should of taken her into the ER.  You shouldn’t of gone because she was sick.  Be the parent.  Your kids come first.

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