I wanted to submit 2 poems to The Journal Times for their Father’s Day Memorial segment – one for my dad and one for Charlie’s grandpa. I wrote the poems and called for a quote. They said that it would cost $45 without a photo and $60 with a photo. That is NUTS!! I don’t see how I can afford that right now. But I will think about it.
In the meantime, I will post them here…
To Charles H. Geyer

Always in suspenders and with a playful grin

With all the memories of where you’ve been


Your days at the buffet chatting with all

Your phone ringing again with yet another call


With a strong constitution but an oh so tender heart

It was a sad, sad day when you finally had to part


Now with grandma your tears have dried

We love you both, angels at our side


We will remember your stubborn resolve and comedic ways

And miss you we will, until the last of our days



Your Family


To Marty Jocius

I hear you speak to me at night

When you are driving or not feeling right


I see you smile from ear to ear

I watch you cry, I sense your fear


In the moments you are feeling bolder

That’s my arm across your shoulder


And in your dreams when I appear

That is how you know I’m near


Please always know alone you’ll never be

Forever I am here, the dad you just cant see


I miss you Dad.



Heather Rayne 


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Memorial Poems

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