This is a CD review I wrote for Valley Scene Magazine (based in California). This is my first magazine publication. And here is the link to the online article:

Close to 15 years ago, I received a CD for Christmas called Fruit of Life by The Wild Colonials.  Throughout these past years it has been a staple in my short list of go-to tunes.  I would play it over and over – not a usual occurrence for my easily bored ears.  Fast forward to Spring of 2007, a new female vocalist has bumped onto that go-to list and has been playing non-stop in my car since receiving it. That album is The Story by Brandi Carlile.


Brandi Carlile must find it difficult to describe her music with a particular shade of genre. Is it possible she has created her own like few before her? Her powerful pipes and pain ridden lyrics gives us all a relatable voice shouting out all that which we wish we could. Authentically poetic words are spun like gold through her powerful lungs and possibly wounded heart. Each of the fifteen tracks is musically original, thus making the boring impossible. One minute the car next to you (because you will have it loud enough for them to hear) may think you are listening to modern country and the next minute, pure women’s folk. And don’t leave out the rock and alternative moments that have your head bobbing as though a spring in your neck has snapped.


This CD has made it into my small collection that stays in my player indefinitely and needs to become part of your musical library. Brandi, along with her brothers, Tim and Phil Hanseroth and other musicians who collaborated with her on this CD (Josh Neumann, Matt Chamberlain, David Palmer, Keefus Ciancia and special guests Amy Ray and Emily Sanders – of Indigo Girls fame) have all created this musical blast which I am fanatically thrilled to have come across.  


One thought on “Brandi Carlile – Valley Scene Magazine

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