What a beautiful day. 80s, sunny and breezy. I wish it would stay this way. Suppose to be right back into the 50s and 60s the rest of the week. LAME!! So I will relish it now!! Cass and I went to the park this morning and I will be cooking dinner on the grill this evening. Ahhh….those summer moments. I honestly cannot imagine why on earth I do not live where it is like this more time out of the year. There is absolutly NOTHING about winter that appeals to me. I boycott it completely. Screw winter!
Tonight will be a sad night, however. A favorite show of mine, King of Queens. Ending in its 10th season, the show will be greatly missed. Hopefully, it will live forever in reruns…and there is always the DVDs…but it just isn’t the same. I will be shedding some tears, that is certain. I really hate to see my favorite shows disappear. Cheers, Seinfeld, Arrested Development…always sad. I cried pretty hard with Cheers. Depending on the story line, this might be right up there. Of course NOTHING will ever compare to the finale of Six Feet Under. But that is a whole other ball o wax.
Good bye Heffernans…you will be missed!!
I had to add the following picture because it cracks me up. Everytime I see that episode I wish I had a poster of this:

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