Link to online article:

Question asked to The Journal Times Glad You Asked column:

"There used to be a Southern Foods store on Highway 32 going to Kenosha. Where did that move to?"

My answer:

A reader posed the question regarding a southern foods store on Sheridan Road in Kenosha and whether or not it was still in existence. Not familiar with the business myself, I wondered how I might find out about this place with so little to work with.

I decided to call some surrounding businesses in the area. A man from Wally’s Sales and a woman from Bluebird Motel spurred some further investigation on my part. They both told me that they believed the area where the Southern Country Store and the next door motel, Shore Acres, will be demolished to make room for the building of condos.

I spoke with a man who was associated with the Shore Acres Motel and it appears to me that there is a bigger story here than just a simple Glad You Asked answer. He feels that the town of Somers is against small businesses and doing what they can to run them out. He also said that it was not known for sure if condos were in the plan or not. He said that the motel is still running, but Southern Country Store was not. The man who ran the store packed up and moved to Alabama, according to this source.

I also spoke with an employee at the Kenosha Chamber of Commerce who said that the business in question was not a member, therefore she had no information.  A member of the Kenosha County Planning and Development Committee said he checked around and has heard of no plans for the building of condos in that area. He also had no comment on the accusations by the Motel associate as he said his department would not be the one to oversee such matters.

So, a sure answer, I cannot give at this time. But it would be my best guess that yes, Southern Country Store on Sheridan Road is now closed. Where to find southern food in the area? Beats the pigs feet out of me!!


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