Well, not much in the haps today. I was going to take Cassidy to the park, but everything is still so wet. Maybe if it stays sunny for a while we will go after her nap. Otherwise – it is a lazy day in the house today. I was taking her to her drop in daycare twice a week for about 4 hours at a time. It is really good for her to have interaction with other kids her age, plus it gave me sometime to get some stuff done. But money has been very tight lately so I am thinking it needs to go down to once a week for a while. I am bummed about it because I know how much she enjoys it. But Mackenzie will be starting a summer program soon that will cost about 200 bucks a month, so we just cannot afford it right now.
I have applied for so many PT jobs. But I just don’t get responses. And when I do…it is for like 8 bucks and hour. Wouldn’t even be worth it. I dunno. Its tough.
The Chicago trip is this Friday already!! Already paid for…so need no comments about that 🙂 I am starting to get excited.
Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut. I am thinking of getting it done like Mariska Hargitay has been wearing hers lately. At least the bangs part. I will keep the length I have now. Here are some pics:
Here is how my hair basically looks now…
Not sure about adding any layers…my hair is pretty thin. I have to do something though…I cannot stand the way I look.
I have lost 2 more lbs which is good. That is 4.9 lbs in 5 weeks. Slow, I know. But hopefully I am doing it the right way so it doesn’t come back!!
Another thing that I have been dealing with is my heart medication. Last week when I saw my Nurse Practitioner about my weight loss, she mentioned that I might be able to decrease my medication (beta blocker I take for tachycardia) and that may help in losing weight and my fatigue. She said to discuss it with my cardiologist. Well, over the weekend I had this weird thing happened that scared me. My heart rate was staying in the 50s for a long time – like a whole day. Normal is 60-90. So I was actually afraid to take my full dose the next day as the mediation would obviously lower it even more. So I took half and I have been taking half for 3 days now. So far I feel ok. A few more palpitations that normal, but okay. My heart rate is usually in the 60s when resting (sitting down). Now it is 70s and 80s. Which is fine, but it takes getting used to when you are so accustomed to your heart beating much slower. If this helps me lose weight and have more energy…it will be so great. And I will discuss with my cardiologist when I see her this month. I hope she doesn’t poo poo the idea and tell me to go back to my original dose. We shall see.
I should get going and do something productive. Talk at ya later 🙂

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