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My Daughter was recently charged $85 for the extraction of a tooth. My friends were shocked because they said it was around $300 to get a tooth removed. How much does it cost?



While speaking to a couple Dentist office employees, I have learned that getting a quote on a particular service can be like pulling teeth!! Seriously folks, there is no straight up answer here.


There is much consideration and many factors that go into pricing a procedure such as a tooth extraction. It can depend on the tooth itself and where in your mouth it is located. It can depend on the reason the tooth is being extracted in the first place. Whether or not the tooth is impacted or growing in sideways can also be factors in pricing.


There are different kinds of extractions. There is the simple yank it out extraction that does not involve much difficulty. Then there are those that can require surgery. Of course, each procedure has its own cost.


The person who posed the question said his daughter received a bill for only $85.00 for an extraction. I say – hold on to that dentist!! That is cheaper than any of the prices I have heard while investigating this topic. The smallest amount I was ‘quoted’ was for the simplest of procedures and it was $140. And that does not include x-rays, sedation, or any other frills. One employee told me that she has heard of a single surgical extraction being well over $400 – and this is only one tooth and once again – no extras.


So my answer is – it depends. Oh…and make sure you take excellent care of those choppers so you do not end up with a bill that will make the rest of your teeth fall out!!


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