Its been a while since I have written. I have been tired and lazy and working on some other things. So, as if you care, I apologize 🙂
I want to write about Imus and the horrible Virginia Tech shootings. But I will do so in seperate posts. Not here. I need to put thought into those posts and these journals are simply for spewing.
Last weekend was a nice one. Saturday I spent the night at the Marriott for my mom’s night alone. It was very relaxing. I watched 2 movies which were both EXCELLENT – Notes on a Scandal and Little Children. I will write reviews on both of them soon. But, seriously, they were incredible flicks and you should rent them both!! I ordered room service, took a bath, gave myself a manicure and pedicure and just laid around. It was so nice. Wish it was for TWO nights!! The next morning Charlie and Cassidy met me for brunch at the hotel. Their food is very yummy. Then we came home and all was back to the old grind.
Its only a couple more weeks before my mom and I go to Chicago to see John Edward. I am very excitted. Still cannot believe it and I am so full on anticipation and wonder about the whole thing. I have no idea what to expect. Quite thrilling really. Plus, we are taking the train and I have never been on a train (well, besides the one at the Milwaukee zoo that goes about 2 miles per hour) and I am a bit anxious about that…but that is ok. Short ride. We will then need to find cabs, find our hotel, then find the seminar hotel…so it will be a little adventure for a gal who is about adventurous as a rock.
I have been looking at houses on the internet. We either want to move back to the northside of Racine (where my heart is…where I lived for 25 years) or out in the county in Burlington or somewhere near there. The more I look, the more I get the bug to just do it. It has just been a fleeting thought…but there are so many reasons I would like to move. I really do not like the suburb we are in. I do not like having no sidewalks for the kids to play on. I do not like not having parks within walking distance. I hate our Mt. Everest driveway that seems to be a shooting slide into traffic for my daughter. Our rooms are super small. And so much needs to be remodled. Whine Whine. I know. I am annoying. I do appreciate the fact that I have a nice home and everything I need. I am just being greedy for the moment. We have a fixed 5.75% interest rate on a 30 year mortgage right now. It almost seems completely STUPID to get rid of that. Espeically since we have little equity. I don’t know. We shall see.
I have also been so depressed about the fact that it seems ‘we’ decided not to have another child. Cassidy is a kid now. My baby is gone. She is potty trained. Drinks out of a big girl’s cup. Knows many letters and numbers by sight. She is such a big girl now. (crying). It is taking forever to lose this weight anyway, I mind as well get pregnant while I am still big – right?? Not how Charlie sees it. He said we are way too tired for another. And..yea…I am exhausted. But maybe the next one would be easier???? This must be that ticking maternal clock they speak of….ugh.
Speaking of being fat…my supply of Land’s End swim suits arrived yesterday. I ordered a bunch to try on and I will chose one and send back the rest. Man…that was depressing. I feel like I look disgusting in all of them. I should just wear a tee shirt and shorts. It is just a sad state.
Anywho….gotta get some stuff done. Talk at ya later!!

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