Well. I am now 33 years old. Man. I can remember when my mother was 33. I was 13. If I live to be my father’s age I will have 13 years left. Wow. Scary. I am shooting for 103. That way I have a good 70 to go. Sounds good to me.

On Saturday we went to dinner with my parents and to the Comedy Café. We saw a comedian, Mike Merryfield. He was actually quite funny. So, that was a good time.

My diet has gone to pot this week. Charlie got me a Danish Layer cake from O&H – my absolute favorite. I have only had two pieces since Sunday which has take A LOT of restraint. But there is one left and it has my name on it for sure. Then last night we went out for dinner at DeRangos (6 mile). Got my usual, the jumbo broiled shrimp. Yum. And then they brought me a huge bowl of ice cream and all the toppings for my birthday. I of course split it with Charlie and the kids…but I was very full at the end of the meal. And Sunday we will be going to Easter Brunch – it’s a great brunch buffet, HUGE – at the Marriott. So, needless to say, there will be no restraint that day. I just hope I don’t undo the small loss I have made so far. I plan to do extra on the treadmill in the next few days; maybe it will help a tad. So far I have lost about 4lbs and 7 inches. Slow start…but at least I am not going backwards, right??

My brother and sister in law sent me flowers yesterday. They are gorgeous. Not even sure what kind they are, very exotic looking. It’s always nice to get flowers. I am disappointed they will not be joining us for brunch Sunday. We have had some issues in the past couple weeks and things are very tense between us right now. I do hope it improves. I really feel I have done all I really can.

Charlie gave me a card telling me to enjoy a night of my choice at a hotel of my choice. Hooray!! My favorite gift. Not sure when I will use it…but I am really looking forward to it. I would use it next weekend but in the beginning of May my mom and I are going to Chicago for a night to see John Edwards. We will be staying over night in a nice hotel. So, I think I should wait until June…but we will see how stressed I am in the next couple weeks!!

I got a couple emails yesterday wishing me Happy Birthday which was very nice. It makes me all warm and fuzzy when people remember me and take time out to actually acknowledge me J Matt, Phil, Jill, and Nancy – Thank you!! (Also Brian, Tom, Jodi and John sent me Happy Birthday wishes on the 4th). And I received calls from my mom, step father, brother, sister in law and Jack. Thank you so much you guys for thinking of me!!

I am REALLY looking forward to Friday. First of all, Charlie has off so that means I get somewhat of a break too. But on this day I get a huge break. I have two gift certificates for my salon which also has a day spa. I have an appointment for a facial and a body treatment (I think I will get the mud or aromatherapy body wrap). Neither of which I have ever had before. So I will be there for a couple hours relaxing and hopefully feeling nice and calm and pretty when I leave J Oh man…I SO need it.  

Anyway, not too deep today. Just not feeling it right now. Tired. Worn out. Maybe I will write more later.

As always, thanks for listening!!


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