Well, needless to say my hopefuls didn’t fair too well last night, sadly. As I had said…several of them were hard to choose anyway. But I can say that I am quite happy that Alderman Karas was re-elected. It was a very well deserved – but scarily close win. I hope he is doing something fun and/or relaxing today.


I am disappointed that Attorney Clifford and Candidate Ken Hall were not elected. Obviously, those were the big ones. I really feel that if it weren’t for the whole private investigator issue, Clifford would be Judge right now. As far as Ken Hall, I just think that was a hard race to win. McReynolds name is out there and people have it in their heads from the last election and all the signs that never came down. Very expensive campaign he ran and I guess all the ads worked. You see, I truly believe that a majority of voters go to the polls with maybe one or two races they care about and really know nothing or little about the others. In these cases, they simply chose the name which is more familiar to them. In this case, that worked against my hopeful candidate for County Executive. Hopefully that doesn’t deter him – or another well-intended, fresh candidate – from running next time.


Anyway, I do congratulate all the winners and sincerely hope they really want what is best for their constituents.


Yesterday was a strange one for me. First I received that email from Candidate Fred Dooley. And when I decided to post it – whoa…the yelling ensued. On the Journal Times blogs I did have a couple supporters…but people love to hate me there and I really cannot figure out why. It is not as if I think my blogs, opinions, posts or any of that has any bearing on another person’s decisions. I write for enjoyment and cathartic reasons. There are issues I care about and I happen to be loud about them at times. But I do not feel I am EVER inconsiderate, rude, mean, vindictive, etc…to others. I try to always show compassion and understanding – even to those who do not reciprocate. I do, however, say what I truly believe. I am not fake. And I call ‘em how I see ‘em. As simple as that. Perhaps that is unattractive. How unfortunate. It can be frustrating to have people see me in a way that is so not intended or to see a person who I genuinely am NOT. I suppose I need to work on how I come across. Or perhaps I should just not care.


Anyway, I think I need to stop reading those blogs on TJT site as often. Give myself some distance and not post there as much. We will see how that goes.


So, yesterday, my 33rd birthday and Election Day was a strange one. I congratulate all the winners. And applaud ALL of the candidates for running. It cannot be an easy task.


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