This year on April 3rd, which happens to be my 33rd birthday (yikes) there will be a local election. Because I have been pretty preoccupied with other things these past months, I have not paid much attention to many of the elections and candidates. In the past couple weeks I have done some reading – what is available which is not much – and emailed a couple candidates. Through this information I have made my choices on most of the seats. However, I, myself, will only be voting for RUSD seats, County Executive and State Supreme Court Judge.
9th District Alderperson
Pete Karas
(no bio – but interview in another blog on this website)
I find this candidate to be the best choice for several reasons. He has a view that expands his neighborhood. He seeks a better Racine. He is very accessible and compassionate. Any constituent can contact him easily either by email or phone. I have personally contacted him several times with issues that were not even in his political realm, but nonetheless he was very helpful and considerate. Also very willing to help in any way he could. He also wants to bring Green alternatives to Racine which I think could make our city very unique, efficient and environmentally responsible. He is also in favor of the commuter rail which I think will greatly benefit the citizens of Racine for many reasons!!
7th District Alderperson
Ray DeHahn
(no bio)
The main reason to vote for this candidate is because of his opponent who is an extremist and an opportunist. From everything I have read and heard, he posted semi nude pictures of a man on his blog to embarress said man and virtually ruin his life. Then he deleted any evidence of this so as to not hurt his campaign. Not someone I would ever vote for. DeHahn supports the commuter rail and sees the huge importance of education and the joblessness related to lack of said education.
3rd District Alderperson
Michael D. Shields
Address: 1850 13th St., Racine
Age: 57
Family: Married to Vivian, one adult daughter
Education: Master’s in social work from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Occupation: Racine County social worker for 20 years
Previous elected experience: 16 years on City Council, from 1989 to 2005, including a term as council president and service on all committees
Interesting tidbit: Works with the Optimist Club to help young people
I am drawn to him as a candidate because of his education background in Social Work. One who enters that field of study typically does so because they want to improve the world in some way. It is done because of well intended motivations. I believe that this and his desire to improve education (even though, as Alderman, may be out of his grasp) shows that he really has his feet planted on the issues that truly matter not only in Racine but in the world as a whole – as a human being.
5th District Alderperson
Kenneth Yorgan
(could not find Bio)
I am drawn to him as a candidate because he seems to be thinking out of the box. He wants to bring new, natural (Green) resources to Racine. And it is my understanding that he is also in favor of the commuter rail.
11th District Alderperson
Gloria Rogers

Address: 3700 Oakwood Drive, Racine
Age: 64
Family: Divorced, two children and two grandchildren
Education: High school in her native Mississippi
Occupation: Owner and operator of A-1 cleaning Service
Previous elected experience: None
Interesting tidbit: She finds it remarkable that she can run for office in Wisconsin when it was not that long ago that African-Americans couldn’t’t vote in Mississippi.
I am drawn to her as a candidate because she seems as though she is a real down to earth person who knows the struggles of the average Jane. Her views on livable wages is what got my attention. When I was a single woman living alone it was literally impossible to pay all of my bills. Education also needs to be more available so that people can become more hirable. She seems to share this view. Again, I really wish she supported commuter rail and this does make my decision more difficult. However, her opponent is also very hesitant about the rail even though he fully supports Point Blue. For me, I would be the other way around. I believe the commuter rail could benefit Racine citizens more than the Point Blue development which I see only being for the more elite of Racine as well as Illinois boaters.
County Executive
Ken Hall

Address: 205 E. 4 Mile Road, Wind Point
Age: 48
Family: Married, three children
Education: Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Carroll College
Occupation: CPA, operates his own consulting practice doing small business advising, operations consulting and venture capital work
Previous elected experience: Elected County Board supervisor in 2005
Interesting tidbit: Hall has played basketball almost every Tuesday night for the past 20 years. (He gave it up to campaign for office, he said.) He also enjoys disc golf.

I think this candidate is by far our best choice. Integrity and ethical are two words that come to mind while watching his interviews. I also agree with him on many issues including having been against the jail expansion as well as putting more focus on quality of life programs. Call me a bleeding heart liberal if you will, which I do not feel I am…but out health and human services programs are a must to improve this community. Hall is also in support of the commuter rail (hooray).

I did attempt to interview both candidates, but did not receive responses. However, I must admit that I did so late in the game and I am well aware of how utterly busy they both must be.


Racine Unified School District Board (3 seats available)

This was a very difficult choice. To be perfectly honest from the interviews I have read I was not blown away or significantly impressed by any of the candidates. However I did choose 2 based on the way they answered their questions and whether or not they have or had children in the district. I have to think about and try to find more info in order to decide on the 3rd.

Rob Jankowski

I am 4 year resident of Sturtevant, originally grew up in a small town Grafton WI.  I am married to my wife Deborah and have 2 children (Alec is 2 and a half years old and Aimee 11 months old).   For  myself, I have a BS in Electrons Engineering Technology from ITT in addition to MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School.  All degrees were obtained while working full time taking advantage of my employer’s tuition reimbursement policy (employers funded 70% of my education).  I have a solid employment history, being recognized through promotions at the last 3 employers. 

Children: 2 as listed above, my son will be enrolling in the RUSD 4 year kindergarten within the next 2 years.


Julie McKenna

Employment:  I work as a Pulmonary Function Technologist at Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group

Education:  High School Diploma- Lincoln Senior High School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Associates Degree (AS) in Respiratory Therapy, Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota, Bachelors of Art (BA) in Music Education, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Family:  I am married, I have one son.

I have one son and he has attended schools in the Racine Unified School District, currently he attends Starbuck Middle School.   He attended Goodland School prior to Starbuck Middle School.


Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge

Linda Clifford

While she has not had experience as a judge, this mother and wife has had many many years of legal experience as a successful and compassionate lawyer. She gave much of her time pro bono to serve people all over the world from unethical prosecution. She comes from a blue collar family and it is apparent her ethics and humanity is exactly why she deserves this position and why we need people like her in these positions.


So…for what its worth…here are my choices…I will update if and when I receive more information.


And remember VOTE APRIL 3rd (and don’t forget my birthday card lol). 


2 thoughts on “My Choices for the April 3rd Election…For What its Worth…

  1. CleanPeers,
    I understand your frustrations with negative campaigning. In the last election I found myself screaming at the television on a daily basis. All the negativity makes you not want to vote for anyone – especially when both sides are participating which is often the case. I must say though that the ads I have seen from Ziegler have been just ridiculously negative AND childish. The whole ‘Halloween’ type graveyard looking one depicting Clifford as some goul is just nasty. About the PI…I really don’t know that to be true. During campaign season it is hard to trust ANY candidate usually. So I have to base my decisions on what they have done in the past, where they stand on the issues and how the respond to questions asked.
    Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it 🙂

  2. You had me until you got to Clifford.
    No way would I ever vote for someone who instigates such a severe mud slinging campaign.  Hiring outside of state, private detectives to snoop around?  taking pictures?
    I want someone ethical on the Supreme Court of our state not a sleaze.  Just my opinion

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