Premonition (2007) – A Review


Okay. So, I like Sandra Bullock. I don’t know what it is; I guess it is her humorous and real personality that shines through when she is on the screen either as herself or the characters she portrays. Now, do I like most of her movies? I wouldn’t say that. I really liked Hope Floats, 28 Days, and While You Were Sleeping. But I wouldn’t say they were sincerely ground breaking or over powering. Nonetheless, her starring in Premonition was a selling point for me when I first saw a trailer months ago. Of course the biggest draw for me was the subject matter. Anyone who knows me knows my fascination with death, paranormal, psychic activity, powers of the mind and all that sort of fun stuff. For these reasons, I simply had to see this movie opening weekend. I am so glad I did.


I feel as though I perhaps see more into movies than either: a) what may actually be meant or b) what others may see in the film.  This could be true with this movie as well, but I think it is the latter.


With many movies it is difficult to give a real review without giving away much of what needs to be experienced first hand. That is definitely the case with Premonition. So, first I will say that the exhausting but powerful performance by Bullock was commendable. She was in every single scene and the toll must have been heavy. She pulled it off with gold stars.


The story was very unique.  The dialogue did not stand out as incredible, but you have to understand that this is almost a one woman show. So far I see no flaws in the writing. I will watch it again, but I think that most of the common confusions with the stories lines can be explained.


The movie goes back and forth and you really need to pay attention and have a great sense of time. It can be tricky to figure out if what is happening is past, present or future. But if I could figure it out…I am sure anyone can.


Now, I want to discuss what this movie said to me. It may however be a gateway to spoilers. So, if you plan on watching this movie and want to do so with a fresh head…do not read any further. Just know that it is a movie worth watching, you need to pay attention and definitely open your mind.


Bullock’s character in the film was a housewife with a husband and 2 daughters. She was a stay at home mom and it was clear that she had been experiencing some depression prior to the news of her husband’s death. Through out the movie you go back and forth through moments when her husband is dead and alive. After she learns of his death, she experiences lapses in time when she seems to jump through timelines in her life changing little experiences here and there that impact the next timeline. Does that make sense? Anyway. She learns he was about to have an affair and for a moment, decides she prefers him dead and that even though she thinks she MAY be able to help avoid his death, she wonders if she should even do that. We learn during these times that their relationship was on its last breaths. They seem almost resentful and bitter towards one another.  She then has a conversation with a clergyman and asks his opinion on what she can/should do.  He basically tells her that she needs to find something to fight for…something to be hopeful about.  She finally decides that she wants to not only save her husband, but their marriage. The night before she thinks he is going to die she explains to him (in very little words – mostly tasteful and romantic actions) that she wants their marriage to survive. They end up making love. The next day she wakes up and it is the day he is to die. She does what she can to stop it. She finally gets in touch with him on his cell phone and tells him that she knows all about the affair and that she doesn’t care – she loves him. They exchange ‘I loves yous’ a few times and she sees his car ahead of hers right at the spot he was suppose to die. She tells him to turn around – thinking that will change the course and he would survive. But when he does this, a gas tanker hits his car – obviously killing him.


She wakes at the end, you know it is months later and she has a pregnant belly.


She was able to changes the details in her life. She was able to forgive her husband before he died; instead of him dying while they both lived in contempt of one another. She was able to come to terms with the possibility of his death; instead of the sudden shock. She was able to allow him to spend some quality time with his children; knowing she may not be able to stop his demise. And of course, she was able to create another child – one that would have never existed otherwise. But she was not able to change his ultimate fate. She was not able to stop his death. 


This is how the film spoke to me, being a depressed housewife and mother whose marriage has seen better days…


We can change how we behave and react in our lives right now. We can decide to make our lives better for the moments we are in presently. We can make little changes that can affect us forever. But we truly have little control over our ultimate fate. And when it comes down to it – we all have the same fate; death. It can come when we least expect it. It can come after a long, hideous illness. But it will come. What we need to do is live our lives for the happiness and love that sit in our paths right now. RIGHT NOW.


Not a new theory. Nothing I am saying hasn’t been heard a million times before. But perhaps this needs to be drilled into our heads – though movies, music, books, news…we need to start living the way we deep down know we should. You want to know the meaning of life? This is it, my friends. As simple as that. Life is short. Live, love, give and appreciate. Period.


Most of us won’t have the opportunities the characters had in this movie. We need to take those opportunities now because instead of waking up to yesterday…we may not wake up at all.


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