Is it really 2007?? I mean, seriously…really? You wouldn’t know that by some of the things I have heard this morning.


First, my daughter was watching Disney Channel cartoons. Lou and Lou Safety Patrol came on (it is a cartoon short that plays in between other cartoons). The little girl asked her father (my words may not be exact…but darn close), “Dad, are we almost done shopping?” Her father then replies to her, “You are a girl. You should like to shop. Women love shopping.”


It took an animated crane to lift my jaw off the floor. WHAT?? Believe me, I am no Gloria Steinem. But I think that these messages being drilled into our daughters and sons minds are sickening. Isn’t it bad enough all this pink princess crap that is overfilling our little girls toy chests is thought to be a must have by our daughters? My 2 ½ year old loves matchbox cars. Any trucks or cars, actually. But after watching her sister, niece, other little girls and of course TV…now she wants Princess this and Barbie that. YUCK.


Pandering to children is nothing new, I get it. But then a couple hours later while listening to the Bill O’Reilly radio program I had the chance to vomit in my mouth a bit yet again (which does happen from time to time when listening to Bill). He has a commercial during his show for Pajama Grams. He says (something to the effect…again not exact words but pretty darn close), “Spend just minutes getting your wife’s gift and she will think you spent the day.”  Translation – women are far too stupid to figure out you went to a website and pushed a few buttons. Then he says, “After all, women really just want to be spoiled.” And men don’t? Spoiled? How about just respected you ass.


Anyway…you won’t hear feminist tirades from me too often…but I couldn’t help myself today. I guess I just got my Pajama Grams in a bunch.


One thought on “My Daily Rant..Today: Cartoons and Bill O’Reilly Suck

  1. Yah, there’s another product out there just as dumb with the same type of advertising, its called the Vermont Teddybear.  I was listening to my radio when the commercial came on saying how easy it would be just get a teddybear for your woman and that they would even write the card for you.  Now that’s real love there eh? 
    John B

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