Yesterday I saw the movie Little Miss Sunshine. And I cannot be any clearer in saying that this is now one of my most favorite films ever. I can be quite critical and do not use the term ‘favorite’ loosely. Another one of my most loved movies also happens to star Greg Kinnear, As Good as It Gets. And this reminded me a lot of that – not the story or the characters, but the feeling it left inside.


Little Miss Sunshine displays a wonderful ensemble cast.



Abigail Breslin


Olive Hoover

Greg Kinnear


Richard Hoover

Paul Dano


Dwayne Hoover

Alan Arkin


Grandpa Edwin Hoover

Toni Collette


Sheryl Hoover

Steve Carell


Frank Hoover



I can tell you that I haven’t left a theatre feeling this way in many years. In fact, I haven’t FELT this way in many years. Through out the entire movie I would weave in and out of crying and laughter as though I were on an emotional loom. The all too familiar sense of the ‘dysfunctional’ family brought me into the story as though these actors were simply a part of the everyday family that we see in the stores, live next door to, and have in our own homes. The problems may be different, the issues and personalities certainly vary…but really, like it or not, this is an American family. The so-called ‘normal’ family simply does not exist.


And what was so heartbreakingly wonderful about the Hoovers were that through each failure and setback, the love was still there and was touchingly visible. And that is exactly what it all comes down to…the love. Just about member in this family through the duration of the film experienced some type of failure or let down. But just as in life, they stood again – even proudly, loved one another, and moved on.


As I explained earlier, this movie was the Space Mountain of theatrical emotion. One moment I would be crying and the next, hysterically cracking up. And then there were those opportunities of experiencing my favorite – happy tears. Ah, so many happy tears in this movie.


The very end of the movie has to be one of the best endings of all time. I was crying while I was laughing almost uncontrollably. My cheeks actually hurt. What a fabulous experience.


This movie is full of humor – some dark, some not so dark. This movie is full of real life substance – to which so many of us can relate.  It is almost tangible how honest, authentic, and genuine this story comes across.  I have not seen anything like it in a long, long time. And I am begging filmmakers out there – please, we need more of this.


And to all of those who made this movie possible – thank you thank you thank you.




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