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To the Editor:


I would like to know the reason behind the primary voting process that insists you chose one party and you can only vote one party.  I think that this country being so divided into these groups “Republican” vs. “Democrat”; “Red” vs. “Blue”…it doesn’t help build a united government or society. I understand that some of the party’s ideals are vastly different. But a person shouldn’t have to choose sides. I have been known to vote for both Democratic and Republican candidates in my time. And though it doesn’t happen often, I feel we should have that choice in primary elections as well. If a person happens to be pulling for a particular candidate on the Democratic side and also pulling for a particular Republican candidate, they should be able to vote for both of those people.


I personally vote for the individual candidate and never for a party. Usually my votes tend to go Democratic because my priority issues are typically shared by that party. However, I look at each candidate, their personal stance on the issues, their history, and then I make my choice.  I believe that this partisan run government causes more troubles and takes away from the issues that need to be dealt with and solved.


Can we not just get rid of the Red or Blue masks and simply vote for the right person for the job?


2 thoughts on “Bunk Rules for Primary Voting

  1. Question:  If I am a registered Democrat and vote Republican in the Primaries will my vote be canceled out? Is this true for the general election also?   I live in Maryland

  2. Hi I’m trying to clear up something.  If I am a registered Democrat and I decide to vote for a Republican in the Primaries – does my vote get counted?  Or is it canceled out?Is this also true for general elections.  I live in Maryland.

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