I sent a short interview to all of the Democratic candidates who are running to defeat incumbent Paul Ryan (R) for the office of Wisconsin‘s 1st District US Congressional seat.  I decided to send out this mini-interview when I could find little information about how the candidates feel about the REAL issues – not just their name, age, and occupation.

I had sent the same interview to all candidates at the same time. Below is the response I received from Ruth Bradley.

Heather, due to time restraint I am suggesting you read the congressional candidate article in the Kenosha News dated 9-5-06, I believe it will answer most if not all your questions. Thank you. Ruth Bradley.


Mike Hebert has not responded at all thus far. But I should mention that his was sent via snail mail since I could find no email address for him.

And Jeff Thomas as well has sent no response what so ever.


The following are short "Bios" from the Racine Journal Times regarding these candidates:

Ruth SantaCruz Bradley

Age: 72

Slogan: "Faith for the Future"

Political heroes, role models: President Harry S. Truman and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Occupation: Retired from Veterans Administration as a radiology and X-ray technician; works as a part-time x-ray technologist in an orthopedic surgeon’s office.

Government experience: Served on the board of the Kenosha County Democratic Party; never had the time, until she retired, to run for public office.

Address; family; time in district: 7614 2nd Ave., Kenosha; married, one son, two grandsons; since 1973.


Mike Hebert

Age: 49

Slogan: "We the People"

Political heroes, role models: Former U.S. Sen. William Proxmire and former U.S. Rep. Les Aspin.

Occupation: 31 years as a union machinist for Ocean Spray in Kenosha. Now does inventory work.

Government experience: Never held or run for public office before.

Address; family; time in district: 1204 69th St., Kenosha; single, no children; born in Michigan, raised in Kenosha.


Jeff Thomas

Age: 66

Slogan: "Healthcare for All Americans"

Political heroes, role models: (The late U.S. Sen.) Paul Wellstone.

Occupation: Retired orthopedic surgeon; works part-time providing free medical care at his Well Stone Free Clinic in Janesville.

Government experience: Served on Janesville School Board from 1977-89; Janesville City Council from 1992-96. This will be his seventh run for the 1st District Congressional seat.

Address; family; time in district: 417 Waveland Road, Janesville; divorced, three children and seven grandchildren; lifetime resident.



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