The following is a short "Bio" from the Racine Journal Times:

Don Hall

Age: 49

Slogan: None; Just, "Don for Congress."

Political heroes, role models: Honest to God, I always liked President Bill Clinton. If anything, I see myself as a Clinton Democrat.

Occupation: Manages group homes for adults with mental disabilities.

Government experience: Never held or run for public office before.

Address; family; time in district: 5135 W. Memorial Drive, Elkhorn; since 1990; married, three sons.

I sent a short interview to all of the Democratic candidates who are running to defeat incumbant Paul Ryan (R) for the office of Wisconsin’s 1st District US Congressional seat.  I decided to send out this mini-interview when I could find little information about how the candidates feel about the REAL issues – not just their name, age, and occupation. Don Hall’s interview is below….


What is the one big reason that spurred your entering this political race?

The lack of a serious race in the past years. This district is about 50/50. There is no reason Mr. Ryan should be winning 60/40 but for the lack of a serious challenger.

What are the five major changes you would like to see take place in this state and /or country?

Regulate the credit card industry.

Reform Bankruptcy reform.

Cut Tax breaks and subsidies to the Oil Industry. Let them pay for their own R&D.

End the genocide in Darfur, and a global commitment to end genocide, by any mean neccesary, in the 21st Century

What do you love most about Wisconsin?

Autumn. October. Picking apples from orchards, my kids are growing up and I’m really gonna miss trick or treating door-to-door. Maple trees changing color. I like looking up and seeing a real treehouse that my kids built. I like swimming in a lake, rather than a public pool. I liked the gardens that I grew. I loved training for marathons and triathlons just by going out my front door and running/biking for miles. I love small towns like Milton, that still have a gas station on the corner. That still look like small towns in the thirties. Small towns like my grandmother lived in. I wish libraries were still named after towns, instead of donors.

What is your opinion on the following issues and how would you or did you vote if these have or would come up for a vote:

Concealed Carry :

Same Sex Marriage Ban: Against. Gay men and women work in this country, own businesses, pay more than their share of taxes, and contribute to our culture. Nobody has ever torn up a check by a gay man or woman because of their sexuality. Any church has a right to refuse the sacrement of marriage. But as citizens of this country gay men and women have every right to walk into a county clerks office and enter into a contract of marriage or civil union.

Abortion: Pro-choice.

Legalization of Marijuana:

Alternate Fuel:

How do you feel about the War in Iraq/Afghanistan? What are your thoughts on the best way for the removal of troops?

1. Re-build the infrastructure( electricity, sewers. clean water). Give people jobs and get their economy going and they will be less willing to join militias.

2. Get the militias out of the police force.

3. Protect innocent lives. People are being kidnapped, tortured with electric drills and left in the streets. The administration is 3 years too late in securing Baghdad.

Do you have ideas for a solution to the healthcare problems in our society?

We will have universal health care in the 21st Century. Its matter of will and the will of Congress to turn the corner away from market based and employer insured health care.


If you felt very strongly about a particular issue – would you vote against the majority of your party? In other words, to you, are the issues or the Democratic Party your priority?

My 1st loyalty is too my district. The 1st is demographically split, almost 50-50 Dem and Rep.

I would vote against the Party, if a significant number of people in my district (even Republicans) would be hurt by that vote.

Who do you feel is the best hopeful for the Democratic candidate in the next presidential election?

I think more Democrats should come out with big ideas. Like John Edwards, who feels that we can end poverty in 30 years, or Al, who still thinks we have time to restore our environment.

I miss Al.


If you could hand pick our next president, who would it be and why?

See above.


Lastly, why do you feel Paul Ryan needs to be removed from his position?

Mr. Ryan is what I refer to as a "Think-Tank Republican". He returned to his home town, well funded to run for an open seat. His opinions were fully formed before he ran and haven’t altered in his years as Congressman for Southern Wisconsin. He could be from Indiana, S.Dakota, or Wisconsin and you wouldn’t know the difference. Think-tank Republicans always seem to be able to present themselves as moderates when they come back to their districts.

But his first loyalty has always been to the RNC. And his voting record in just another rubber stamp for the Administration.


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